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AgustaWestland Unveils The AW119 Ke - Koala enhanced

AgustaWestland is proud to unveil at Heli-Expo 2007 the new AW119 Ke - Koala enhanced, an evolution of the successful A119 Koala. With its Maximum Take-Off Weight increased to 2,850 Kg./6,283 lb, the Koala enhanced offers customers unmatched performance with a resulting payload/range capability that makes the AW119 Ke an unrivalled helicopter in the single-engine category. The performance of the AW119 Koala enhanced has immediately found success in the marketplace, having been already ordered by offshore and fire fighting operators as well as VIP/Corporate customers.

Thanks to the combination of the single powerful Pratt & Whitney 1,002 shp turbine engine with new, state-of-the-art design main rotor blades, the AW119 Ke provides excellent performance capabilities with an extended operational envelope for demanding hot and high conditions at high gross weights.

Like the A119 Koala, the AW119 Ke is faster than its competitors and offers the largest cabin and luggage capacity of any helicopter in its class, with the lowest seat-mile costs in its class. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers with a range of equipment available for other missions including air ambulance, law enforcement and fire fighting. Dual hydraulic and autopilot systems ensure high safety levels. All the upgrades incorporated into the A119 Ke can be retrofitted to A119 Koalas already in service.

Each application where the A119 Koala has proven a successful solution will benefit from the AW119 Ke features. The AW119 Ke will provide offshore operators even better payload/range characteristics while the Law Enforcement and Homeland Security variant offers extended patrol time in addition to the cabin flexibility already appreciated by various police departments. The VIP/Corporate and EMS operators will now benefit from even better performance and greater payload along with the standard spacious cabin that is separate from the cockpit area. The increased operating envelope, together with the significant sling load capability of the AW119 Ke are beneficial to utility roles, including firefighting activity.

AgustaWestland is committed to provide the marketplace with a modern, comprehensive commercial product line, ranging from single-engine to heavy multi-engine helicopters.

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