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AgustaWestland at LAAD 2009

AgustaWestland attends LAAD 2009 in Rio de Janeiro (April 14th - 17th 2009) exhibiting its range of products for both commercial and military/government applications. AgustaWestland has experienced a dramatically growing success in Central and South America markets in recent years with various helicopter types and for a number of roles including VIP/corporate transport, offshore transport and government tasks such as law enforcement, emergency medical service and firefighting.

Product support offering spare parts availability, maintenance and repairing services has progressively been strengthened ensuring a more and more increasing efficiency and responsiveness in the region. Orders for more than 200 helicopters have been placed by customers in South America so far, not considering old models such as the AB212, AB412, SH-3 and Lynx totalling more than 30 units. Over 120 aircraft including the AW119, AW109 Power, Grand and AW139 have already been delivered in the region.

The company has been playing a major role in Brazil for years. Official distributor Synergy Aerospace has already has ordered 40 helicopters of various models so far, within the framework of the multi-year contract and distribution agreement signed in July 2006 which agreed the acquisition of 56 helicopters. Orders for over 100 AgustaWestland helicopters from the entire commercial helicopter range have been placed in Brazil to date. Particularly, AgustaWestland's light twins are the leaders in the Brazilian helicopter market representing a market share of around 70% of the light twin fleet. Also the best selling medium twin AW139 has seen a rising success, especially for offshore and VIP transport. AgustaWestland do Brasil, an AgustaWestland company, supports the Brazilian fleet through its Service Centre in Sao Paulo and through Ultra-Rev, an Authorised Service Centre in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, the distribution agreement with Synergy Aerospace has been expanded to include Colombia, so further increasing business opportunities. First two emergency medical service-configured helicopters for Brazil, one AW119 Ke and one AW109 Power, were delivered in February 2009 to leading EMS operator AMIL. The provision of latest technology training solutions encompassing advanced synthetic equipment saw AgustaWestland getting approval for the AW109 Power Level D simulator from ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) in the country in March 2009. As far as the Brazilian Navy is concerned, it already effectively operates the multirole Lynx helicopters.

With reference to Mexico, Aerolíneas Ejecutivas (ALE) has placed orders for a total number of 38 helicopters so far including the AW119 Ke single engine, AW109 Power and Grand light twins as well as the AW139 medium twin. These orders have been performed within the framework of the five-year contract and distribution agreement signed in August 2006. In February 2006, ALE was appointed as the AgustaWestland Authorized Service Centre in Mexico. AgustaWestland helicopters such as the Grand and the AW119 Ke are achieving greater and greater success in the public service market, including law enforcement and emergency medical services. The two models are being effectively operated by a dedicated Unidad de Rescate Aéreo (URA) performing emergency medical service and firefighting tasks offering impressive operational availability and performance. Eolo Plus company took delivery of a second AW119 helicopter in February this year.

Carabineros de Chile are operating their four AW109 Power light twin turbine engine helicopters delivered in 2007 for law enforcement, EMS and border patrol purposes and have immediately offered excellent operational effectiveness, remarkably increasing mission effectiveness and responsiveness. Carabineros de Chile's order marked the entrance of the best selling light twin AW109 Power in the country, further expanding its already relevant presence in the regional market.

GME Aviation Services have recently been appointed as an AgustaWestland Independent Sales Representative for a number of Central American countries including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize. Additionally, Helicopteros de Guatemala has been appointed AgustaWestland Independent Sales Representative for the country in 2008. These agreements further expand AgustaWestland's opportunities in the area adding new important partners to the existing official distributors.

Central and South Americas are also benefiting from an efficient product support through both AgustaWestland's presence in the Americas and a number of service centres. Recent AgustaWestland's Philadelphia plant expansion thanks to the new AW139 assembly line, aimed at meeting the growing demand in the regional market for the best selling medium twin, is further evidence of AgustaWestland's commitment to satisfy customers requirement for the expanding fleet of its products. Philadelphia is also responsible for the support of the AgustaWestland's fleet in the Americas, provides the final assembly for the AW119 Ke and also undertakes the completion and customisation of the AW109 Power and the Grand for customers in the region. AgustaWestland and CAE announced in February this year that AW139 initial helicopter type rating and recurrent training, as promoted through their Rotorsim consortium and offered by AgustaWestland, is now available in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. The addition of the AW139 program in the North East United States dramatically increases the full-flight simulator capacity available for AW139 customers and allows AgustaWestland to provide its growing AW139 customer base with Level D simulator training closer to their home base.

A number of operational requirements exist in Central and South Americas. Offshore transport, passenger transport and EMS are among the main commercial applications. As far as government and military duties are concerned, requirements for law enforcement, civil defence, maritime operations, scout and troop transport allow AgustaWestland to offer a large number of different products from its military and government range.

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