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FB Heliservices Takes Delivery of Its First AW139 Helicopter

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that FB Heliservices has recently taken delivery of its first AW139 medium twin helicopter at AgustaWestland's Vergiate plant in Italy. This aircraft will be used to provide search and rescue training for AgustaWestland export customers and it will be operated from RAF Valley in Wales where FB Heliservices already perform SAR training for the UK military services. FB Heliservices signed a contract for two AW139 helicopters in 2008 and the second unit is expected to be delivered next month.

The AW139 is equipped for over land and over water SAR operations and includes a rescue hoist, search radar, FLIR camera, cabin mission console, emergency flotation system, life-rafts, comprehensive communications system and a NVG compatible cockpit.

The AW139 has rapidly become the medium twin helicopter of choice for SAR duties and has been ordered by or is already in service with operators in Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. AW139 SAR customers include the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency, Spanish Marine Safety Agency (Sesamar), Japanese Coast Guard, Australian Queensland Government, Italian company Airgreen, Italian Civil Protection Agency and Coast Guard, Irish Air Corps, Korean Coast Guard, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and government agencies in the UAE, Oman, Estonia and Cyprus.

The AW139 has also become the benchmark medium-twin helicopter on the world market and orders for over 430 helicopters have been placed by more than 100 commercial and government customers in over 40 countries to carry out a number of roles including search and rescue, emergency medical services, offshore transport, VIP/corporate transport, law enforcement, homeland security and military utility transport.

FB Heliservices is a joint venture company between Cobham Air Services and Bristow Helicopters Ltd that specialise in the provision of helicopters and associated services to military and government markets. FB Heliservices operate over 60 helicopters and have operations in the UK, Belize, Brunei, Cyprus and the Middle East.

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