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Securing borders whether land, sea or air, in today’s environment requires the use of various techniques and technologies to effectively manage the movement of people and goods. Agencies are responsible for managing the expectations of their offices while keeping the flow of trade and travel moving. To keep up with the speed of technology advancements, demand for higher throughput and ever changing environments, it has become more common for agencies to engage experts to assist in creating the best possible outcomes for their mandate.

Recognizing the need for agencies to access the benefits of advanced screening technologies, S2 Global began providing screening assessment, program development, operations, integration, training, image analysis and maintenance services in 2009 as part of the OSI Systems group of security companies. S2 is managed by a team of executives with decades of experience in large system security management, government operational and maintenance management, program management, and government affairs. S2 began by focusing on security screening for law enforcement and customs agencies. And with successful scanning operations in three countries, S2 has become a leading expert in screening at ports and borders.

Under parent company OSI Systems Inc., S2 Global has access to inspection equipment from renowned manufacturers, Rapiscan Systems and AS&E; and can also integrate other systems. Combining world-class screening equipment with the S2 Global proprietary solution ensures customers can dramatically increase screening capabilities to meet mandates by always having the latest inspection technologies and techniques. For our customers, S2 Global has successfully achieved industry milestones such as availability for 100% inspection of incoming trade.

In addition to keeping up with the latest technology, an S2 Global solution considers all opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the scanning operation. By focusing on delivering the highest level of screening in the most efficient way possible the S2 Global screening model gives customers a cost effective avenue to focus your efforts on enforcing laws and collecting revenues.

Agencies benefit from an S2 Global solution when they are looking at options to alleviate large upfront capital costs when purchasing equipment or funding ongoing maintenance costs, training and growth. Our solutions are flexible in financing options; in fact customers could realize tax collection increases and would be able to offset the cost through increased revenues.

Among several important aspects of an efficient scanning operation, integration and training are key. S2 Global has developed two brand agnostic tools for the industry that can perfect any scanning operation. First, the S2 Global integration platform and rules based engine CertScan™, is designed to combine data for in depth analysis and expedient processes. By merging customs data with a screening adjudication process, S2 Global customers have been able to reduce inspection irregularities by 42% and increase manifest integrity. CertScan is equipment and market agnostic, so whether you have large trucks, people or small packages to screen, CertScan can be designed to fit your goals.

Second, S2 Global offers unique proprietary operator, supervisor and service training. Sharing the knowledge obtained through our own scanning operations, the S2 Global training group has developed image analysis techniques that have resulted in significant seizures of drugs, weapons and currency. Using real world images and proven scanning processes S2 Global’s training supports agencies to improve the scanning process and identify more contraband.

With our expert executives, proprietary processes, training and CertScan platform, S2 Global, is the leader in detection system implementation, training, staffing and maintenance. Our dedication and experience has resulted in a suite of systems with knowledgeable personnel available on-demand for clients of all sizes. Visit www.screeningsolution.com to learn more about our solutions.


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