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September 2023

WSi News 19th September 2023

Quanergy Solutions successfully implemented its groundbreaking 3D LiDAR security solution at a prominent army barracks in the Middle East, result[more]

July 2023

WSi News 13th July 2023

Aeronautics Completes Integration with CRFS’ Multi-Mission RFeye Ecosystem CRFS announce the successful integration of its RF technology as a s[more]

WSi News 5th July 2023

Halo Solutions incident and threat management platform, Halo (V5), is to deploy its live streaming drone technology Halo Stream to[more]

WSi News 3rd July 2023

Police unplug international phone scam network    Law enforcement from Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom, supported by Europol, have [more]

WSi News 3rd July 2023

CEPOL’s TOPCOP project trains law enforcement of the Eastern Partnership on cybercrime investigations As societies rely more and more on info[more]

March 2023

3DX-Ray Ltd 14th March 2023

3DX-Ray announce the sale of a quantity of Threat Scan®-LSC Systems to the Brazilian State Military Police – EOD Team 3DX-Ray have announce[more]

September 2022

WSi News 21st September 2022

The UK government’s plans to enhance security at publicly accessible locations By Peter Jackson, MD Jacksons Fencing Following terror attack[more]

August 2022

WSi News 10th August 2022

360 Vision Technology partners with ISM for CNI grade Predator radar tracking solution 360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged HD, radar[more]

WSi News 9th August 2022

Genasys Inc. Receives $2.2 Million LRAD® Order for Commercial Security    Genasys has announced a $2.2 million commercial security ord[more]

WSi News 9th August 2022

Smiths Detection & Block MEMS to Develop Non-Contact Chemical Detection Device for U.S. Department of Defense   Smiths Detection alongside [more]

June 2022

WSi News 22nd June 2022

Two neo-Nazis arrested in possession of explosive device The two 20-year-olds from the province of Latina arrested this morning by the State Pol[more]

WSi News 13th June 2022

Camero-Tech is launching the Xaver™ 1000 - the new generation of the Camero Xaver™ product line that offers unprecedented operational[more]

WSi News 13th June 2022

Unmanned Vehicles Could Lead the Way in Dangerous Rescue Situations First responders frequently encounter situations where an incident scene could be[more]

3DX-Ray Ltd 7th June 2022

Thames Valley Police Employ the Latest X-Ray Technology to Keep the Public Safe 3DX-Ray Ltd are pleased to announce the sale of a ThreatScan®-LSC[more]

May 2022

WSi News 31st May 2022

R&S ARDRONIS reliably detects drone signals in densely occupied scenarios The R&S ARDRONIS counter drone solution and the new R&[more]

WSi News 30th May 2022

Kromek receives D3S-ID order from US federal entity   Developer of radiation and bio-detection technology solutions for the advanced imaging an[more]

WSi News 26th May 2022

NATO demonstrates new technology to counter terrorism in crowded venues Subway stations, airports, and other mass transit and gathering venues across[more]

WSi News 9th May 2022

“Focus On Logistics, Not Material” – UK commercial drone expert calls for focus on maintaining supply chains to save Donbas region [more]

April 2022

WSi News 26th April 2022

Ukraine – “After them there is a complete disaster” It is now clear that Russian forces have withdrawn from areas in the northwest [more]

WSi News 26th April 2022

Marshalls Landscape Protection has security bollard systems installed at a synagogue in Queens, New York   Responding to the growing threat of [more]

WSi News 25th April 2022

Teledyne FLIR helps to keep airspace surrounding Swedish critical infrastructure free of drones Teledyne FLIR successfully completed an installation [more]

WSi News 25th April 2022

Dedrone has announced the launch of its first portable detection unit, DedroneRapidResponseDedrone detects, identifies, locates, and analyzes nearly 3[more]

WSi News 20th April 2022

Silent Sentinel has announced the expansion of its EVO2 range of Uncooled LWIR thermal sensors to complement more of its existing platforms. The[more]

WSi News 19th April 2022

US DHS S&T Awards $259M to Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Threats The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate [more]

March 2022

WSi News 31st March 2022

Empowering Bomb Squads with DIY Innovations It takes a special kind of person to be a bomb technician—someone who is brave, disciplined, determ[more]

WSi News 31st March 2022

PureTech Systems’ C4ISR Software Simultaneously Detects, Tracks, and Identifies Land and Aerial Targets PureTech successfully completed integra[more]

3DX-Ray Ltd 21st March 2022

3DX-Ray Launches a Range of 3DX EOD Suits  3DX-Ray, specialists in X-ray imaging technology for the security and military markets, have announce[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

The changing face of cyberattacks on OT environments By Rochelle Fleming, COO of Sapien Cyber Cybersecurity awareness has largely Increased In recen[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 21st March 2022

Tracing the Path of Pathogens after Rain If a large-scale contamination with a biological agent took place near a major coastal city, it would impact[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

Teledyne FLIR Introduces Neutrino SX12 ISR1200 MWIR Camera with Zoom Lens for Ground ISR   Teledyne FLIR has introduced the Neutrino SX12 ISR12[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 21st March 2022

US DHS S&T Seeks Solutions for Mitigating Threats to Soft Targets   The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Direct[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

PureTech Systems Announces Successful Integration with OWL GroundAware Radar   PureTech Systems has announced the successful integration of the[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

Digital Barriers helps Bogota Police tackle crime on transportation system   Digital Barriers has announced a new contract with Bogota’s [more]

WSi News 11th March 2022

New Accountability Framework to use artificial intelligence in a transparent and accountable manner    Five EU Justice and Home Affairs Ag[more]

February 2022

WSi News 28th February 2022

Teledyne FLIR Collaboration and First Marquee Customer   DroneShield and Teledyne FLIR have announced a collaboration to offer a joint sensing [more]

WSi News 23rd February 2022

Migrant smugglers and human traffickers: more digital and highly adaptable   The increased digitalisation brought about by the pandemic has sig[more]

WSi News 23rd February 2022

DroneShield and Allen Vanguard Partner across C-UAS and C-IED sectors DroneShield an Australian/US provider of Artificial Intelligence based platform[more]

WSi News 23rd February 2022

Hikvision Network Cyber-Protect Initiative Helps Ensure Physical Cybersecurity Protection   Hikvision has launched a comprehensive cybersecurit[more]

WSi News 23rd February 2022

i-PRO Introduces Their Newest Multi-Sensor Camera With Advanced AI at the Edge   Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions announces the introduction o[more]

WSi News 17th February 2022

Northrop Grumman incorporating Echodyne radars with a focus on drone detention   Northrop Grumman Corporation will begin incorporating Echodyne[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 4th February 2022

US DHS S&T Seeks Innovative Tech to Defend Against Chemical and Biological Threats   he Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and T[more]

WSi News 3rd February 2022

Europol coordinates action against bomb manuals available online   On 1 February, a large-scale Referral Action Day targeting terrorist content[more]

WSi News 2nd February 2022

UK cutting-edge space defence boost - The UK will invest £1.4 billion to bolster our national interests in space, as part of the first Defe[more]

WSi News 2nd February 2022

DroneShield Successfully Integrates with U.S. Govt Team Awareness Kit (TAK)DroneShield has announced that their Sensor and Command-and-Control platfor[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 2nd February 2022

Robot Dogs Take Another Step Towards Deployment at the Border The American Southwest is a region that blends a harsh landscape, temperature extremes [more]

January 2022

WSi News 19th January 2022

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has arrested 11 alleged members of a prolific cybercrime network as part of a national police operation coordinated wi[more]

WSi News 19th January 2022

Guterres condemns attack on Abu Dhabi airport and oil facility   The UN Secretary-General condemned on Monday the attacks on Abu Dhabi’s [more]

WSi News 10th January 2022

French the Gendarmerie Nationale becomes first H160 law enforcement customer The French Armament General Directorate (DGA) has signed a co[more]

WSi News 5th January 2022

Protecting Arteries, Nerves, Muscles and Ligaments It was on 13 March 2011 when my friend Craig Wylde was brutally assaulted. Having previously [more]

December 2021

WSi News 16th December 2021

Thales announces a collaboration with MARSS for the delivery of system solutions to provide protection of critical infrastructures against multiple th[more]

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