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February 2024

WSi News 27th February 2024

Tony Kingham, editor of WSi News talking Siti Pareti, former British Army EOD operator and now CEO of Kiason Global about 3DX-Ray’s new sma[more]

Decision Sciences International Corporation 27th February 2024

What is Muon Tomography and why is it a game-changer for the security inspection community? A Californian company, Decision Sciences International Co[more]

WSi News 13th February 2024

Smiths Detection supplied its leading high-energy X-ray screening systems to help secure the NFL Super Bowl attended by 68,000 people on Sunday, Febru[more]

WSi News 8th February 2024

NEC Corporation has announced that its face recognition technology has been ranked the world’s most accurate in a benchmark test conducted by th[more]

WSi News 8th February 2024

MARSS advances critical infrastructure protection with $5.5million RADiRguard integration at key site    MARSSwill deliver and commission [more]

Decision Sciences International Corporation 7th February 2024

Decision Sciences International Corporation (Decision Sciences or DSIC) has announced that Kevin Davies has joined the organization as the company&rsq[more]

January 2024

WSi News 25th January 2024

Kromek receives £1.4m order to deliver D3M detectors for use in EU Stockpile Kromek has announced that it has received an order in excess of &p[more]

WSi News 16th January 2024

3DX-Ray introduce their new smaller ThreatScan AS2 flat panel for their portable x-ray system, at this year’s Intersec 2024 in Dubai The new pa[more]

December 2023

WSi News 14th December 2023

Regula launch a game-changer in the field of forensic analysisThe Regula 5006 is another addition to the family of advanced forensic devices that Regu[more]

WSi News 6th December 2023

Encompassing a vast Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) site with almost 10 miles of fenceline and borders facing open water, the task of protectin[more]

November 2023

ODSecurity 15th November 2023

Currently ODSecurity are at Milipol PARIS exhibiting their total contraband detection capability including Soter RS full body scanner, THEIA automatic[more]

ClanTect Ltd 1st November 2023

ClanTect have announced the launch of their new Ultra Mobile Wireless Heartbeat Detection System   The “MDT Ultra Mobile” is the mo[more]

WSi News 1st November 2023

Rohde & Schwarz has proven its new ARDRONIS Locate Compact system for use in counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) missionsI[more]

October 2023

WSi News 30th October 2023

The University of New Haven Chooses Regula’s Device to Train Future Forensic Experts The University of New Haven, founded on the Yale campus in[more]

WSi News 30th October 2023

DroneShield integrates Long-Range RADA RPS-82 radars into its flagship multi-sensor system, DroneSentry, for long-range radar capability   Dron[more]

3DX-Ray Ltd 23rd October 2023

3DX-Ray have announced the successful sale of four AS1 Portable X-Ray Systems and four more AXIS-A33 walk-through metal detectors The AS1 Portable X-[more]

September 2023

WSi News 19th September 2023

Quanergy Solutions successfully implemented its groundbreaking 3D LiDAR security solution at a prominent army barracks in the Middle East, result[more]

July 2023

WSi News 13th July 2023

Aeronautics Completes Integration with CRFS’ Multi-Mission RFeye Ecosystem CRFS announce the successful integration of its RF technology as a s[more]

WSi News 5th July 2023

Halo Solutions incident and threat management platform, Halo (V5), is to deploy its live streaming drone technology Halo Stream to[more]

WSi News 3rd July 2023

Police unplug international phone scam network    Law enforcement from Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom, supported by Europol, have [more]

WSi News 3rd July 2023

CEPOL’s TOPCOP project trains law enforcement of the Eastern Partnership on cybercrime investigations As societies rely more and more on info[more]

March 2023

3DX-Ray Ltd 14th March 2023

3DX-Ray announce the sale of a quantity of Threat Scan®-LSC Systems to the Brazilian State Military Police – EOD Team 3DX-Ray have announce[more]

September 2022

WSi News 21st September 2022

The UK government’s plans to enhance security at publicly accessible locations By Peter Jackson, MD Jacksons Fencing Following terror attack[more]

August 2022

WSi News 10th August 2022

360 Vision Technology partners with ISM for CNI grade Predator radar tracking solution 360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged HD, radar[more]

WSi News 9th August 2022

Genasys Inc. Receives $2.2 Million LRAD® Order for Commercial Security    Genasys has announced a $2.2 million commercial security ord[more]

WSi News 9th August 2022

Smiths Detection & Block MEMS to Develop Non-Contact Chemical Detection Device for U.S. Department of Defense   Smiths Detection alongside [more]

June 2022

WSi News 22nd June 2022

Two neo-Nazis arrested in possession of explosive device The two 20-year-olds from the province of Latina arrested this morning by the State Pol[more]

WSi News 13th June 2022

Camero-Tech is launching the Xaver™ 1000 - the new generation of the Camero Xaver™ product line that offers unprecedented operational[more]

WSi News 13th June 2022

Unmanned Vehicles Could Lead the Way in Dangerous Rescue Situations First responders frequently encounter situations where an incident scene could be[more]

3DX-Ray Ltd 7th June 2022

Thames Valley Police Employ the Latest X-Ray Technology to Keep the Public Safe 3DX-Ray Ltd are pleased to announce the sale of a ThreatScan®-LSC[more]

May 2022

WSi News 31st May 2022

R&S ARDRONIS reliably detects drone signals in densely occupied scenarios The R&S ARDRONIS counter drone solution and the new R&[more]

WSi News 30th May 2022

Kromek receives D3S-ID order from US federal entity   Developer of radiation and bio-detection technology solutions for the advanced imaging an[more]

WSi News 26th May 2022

NATO demonstrates new technology to counter terrorism in crowded venues Subway stations, airports, and other mass transit and gathering venues across[more]

WSi News 9th May 2022

“Focus On Logistics, Not Material” – UK commercial drone expert calls for focus on maintaining supply chains to save Donbas region [more]

April 2022

WSi News 26th April 2022

Ukraine – “After them there is a complete disaster” It is now clear that Russian forces have withdrawn from areas in the northwest [more]

WSi News 26th April 2022

Marshalls Landscape Protection has security bollard systems installed at a synagogue in Queens, New York   Responding to the growing threat of [more]

WSi News 25th April 2022

Teledyne FLIR helps to keep airspace surrounding Swedish critical infrastructure free of drones Teledyne FLIR successfully completed an installation [more]

WSi News 25th April 2022

Dedrone has announced the launch of its first portable detection unit, DedroneRapidResponseDedrone detects, identifies, locates, and analyzes nearly 3[more]

WSi News 20th April 2022

Silent Sentinel has announced the expansion of its EVO2 range of Uncooled LWIR thermal sensors to complement more of its existing platforms. The[more]

WSi News 19th April 2022

US DHS S&T Awards $259M to Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System Threats The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate [more]

March 2022

WSi News 31st March 2022

Empowering Bomb Squads with DIY Innovations It takes a special kind of person to be a bomb technician—someone who is brave, disciplined, determ[more]

WSi News 31st March 2022

PureTech Systems’ C4ISR Software Simultaneously Detects, Tracks, and Identifies Land and Aerial Targets PureTech successfully completed integra[more]

3DX-Ray Ltd 21st March 2022

3DX-Ray Launches a Range of 3DX EOD Suits  3DX-Ray, specialists in X-ray imaging technology for the security and military markets, have announce[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

The changing face of cyberattacks on OT environments By Rochelle Fleming, COO of Sapien Cyber Cybersecurity awareness has largely Increased In recen[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 21st March 2022

Tracing the Path of Pathogens after Rain If a large-scale contamination with a biological agent took place near a major coastal city, it would impact[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

Teledyne FLIR Introduces Neutrino SX12 ISR1200 MWIR Camera with Zoom Lens for Ground ISR   Teledyne FLIR has introduced the Neutrino SX12 ISR12[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 21st March 2022

US DHS S&T Seeks Solutions for Mitigating Threats to Soft Targets   The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Direct[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

PureTech Systems Announces Successful Integration with OWL GroundAware Radar   PureTech Systems has announced the successful integration of the[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

Digital Barriers helps Bogota Police tackle crime on transportation system   Digital Barriers has announced a new contract with Bogota’s [more]

WSi News 11th March 2022

New Accountability Framework to use artificial intelligence in a transparent and accountable manner    Five EU Justice and Home Affairs Ag[more]

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