The increase in people using smart devices, Internet and social media, as well as the fact that crucial evidence in 85% of criminal cases consists of digital data, means that investigative teams need to optimize digital intelligence in both the formative and corroborative parts of their investigations.

To have a truly effective way to access and leverage digital intelligence, investigative teams often face two choices: they can wait days or weeks to access data from locked, encrypted devicesor they can do it in minutes. They can analyze digital data manually and review a massive report with thousands of pages of disparate data, or can access only the most relevant digital evidence, and reduce the chance of leaving discoverable, exculpatory or incriminating evidence behind.

Cellebrite, thea global leader in digital intelligence, provides law enforcement, military, intelligence and corporate clients with the solutions and training that investigators need to answer the bell and transform digital intelligence into actionable and defensible evidence.

Cellebrite offers a comprehensive suite of digital intelligence solutions:

Digital investigations in the field: Real time data extraction and analysis for first responders

UFED InField
First responders can collect forensically-sound digital evidence anywhere and in real time. With minimal training, authorized users can quickly extract and analyze digital evidence - whether in the car or at the police station - to help improve the investigative workflow and reduce case backlogs. 

Central Management System (CMS)

This solution simplifies the managing and control of deployed forensics tools, and helps reduce administration costs by remotely accessing devices and systems across your operation. It also maintains the latest versions, configurations and permissions to ensure the forensic integrity of the data collected.

Digital Forensics: Unparalleled data extraction & decoding

Advanced Unlocking and Extraction Services

Unparalleled unlocking and extraction capabilities ensure that all digital evidence can be recovered. Leverage industry-leading innovation and research to overcome the most complex encryption from many of the latest iOS and Android devices.

UFED Ultimate/Physical Analyzer

Delivering the broadest and deepest support for unlocking, extracting, and decoding data from digital devices. Users can thoroughly review logical, file system and physically extracted data to reveal critical digital evidence, share findings and collaborate with the investigative team.

UFED Cloud Analyzer

Using a forensically-sound, automated process within pre-approved legal boundaries, authorized users can extract, preserve and analyze public domain and private social media data as well as other cloud-based content to discover new investigative paths and accelerate investigations.

Digital Analytics: Turning raw data into intelligence

Analytics Desktop and Analytics Enterprise

These innovative and ground-breaking solutions enable investigative teams to make the unknown "known" through unique capabilities such as text, video and image analytics. Due to our state of the art analytical tools, investigations are often accelerated, resulting in faster access to key digital evidence.



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