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Optex is the World's leading manufacturer of infra-red detection devices, with over 25 years experience in the manufacture of both active and passive infra-red detectors for internal and external applications. These detectors are currently used on residential and commercial sites, as well as military and high risk sites across the globe.

In November 2001, Optex purchased Security Enclosures Ltd, adding the industry renowned Redwall® range of specialist long range external detectors to its product portfolio. The addition of the Redwall® range of detectors made Optex the market leader in Event Driven CCTV (EDCCTV). It is Optex's commitment to providing reliable and stable detectors that has enabled them to remain as the industry leaders in infra-red detection.

Super Redwall


Rednet System

AX Digital Beams

WireFree System


Product Applications and Services

All Optex detectors are designed with the same goal in mind - to provide unrivalled detection capability with the minimum potential for false or missed alarms. This reliability has made Optex detectors ideal for use in:

  • Perimeter Protection of commercial, military and high risk sites
  • Perimeter Security for national borders
  • Airports, Ports and Terminals
  • Commercial properties such as warehouses and offices
  • Remote sites - offshore oil rigs

Optex has a dedicated team of product representatives and engineers who are available to assist with site evaluations, on site technical support and after sales care, making sure that Optex detectors provide the reliability and performance all sites require.

The Optex Range

  • Long Range External PIR's (Passive Infra-Red Detectors);
    • Super Redwall® - short to medium range detectors designed specifically for EDCCTV systems.
    • MidiRed & MegaRedTM - wide angle and long range PIR's (up to 180m).
    • All detectors' coverage patterns are designed to match all popular camera angles.
  • Short Range External PIR's;
    • VX-402/402R/402REC - specifically designed to reduce problems caused by false alarms. With unique voice recordable function (VX-402REC) for use in both security and risk prevention applications.
    • LX Series - ideal for use in EDCCTV applications.
  • Active Infra-Red Beams (AIR's);
    • RednetTM - a sophisticated 16 beam pattern AIR with graded response to work alongside CCTV. Range up to 150m outdoor.
    • AX Series - includes the World's first Digital range of AIR beams, which provide unrivalled detection capabilities in even the harshest environments.
    • Specialist beam towers for use with AX Series beams (up to 3m in height).
  • Internal PIR's;
    • A wide range of PIR's for use in both the domestic and commercial sectors. By using Optex Patented Technology, both Optex PIR's and Dual Technology detectors provide excellent reliability with a low potential for false or missed alarms.

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June 2005

Optex (Europe) Ltd 13th June 2005

Optex Launches a New Standard in Outdoor Combination Detectors With the assistance of Norbain SD Ltd at this year's IFSEC exhibition, Optex [more]

January 2005

Optex (Europe) Ltd 26th January 2005

Optex Wins Award at Detektor International Awards 2004 Optex's new range of Digital Active Infra-Red Beams (AX-350/650MKII [see attached ima[more]

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Optex (Europe) Ltd

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