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At Manroy Engineering we possess unrivalled experience in the production of machine guns, mounts and associated products. Our total commitment to quality and value is our customer's assurance of a first class service and product.

Manroy manufactures a complete range of standard mounts for the .50" M2HB Heavy Machine Gun and the 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun. In addition, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of 'one-off' mountings for all types of vehicle - armoured, light utility, hovercraft, patrol boats, helicopters and light aircraft. Manroy's design department is equipped with modern CAD systems for speed and accuracy of design, enabling us to design and build to our customers own specific requirements. Specification may include accessories such as shield, case and link collection, elevation and azimuth stops, shoulder harness etc.

So if you have a basic idea which you need implemented then we are the people who have the experience to design, manufacture and test it for you.

.50" M2HB Machine Gun

7.62mm GPMG-Mounting Tripod

Products include:

0.50" M2HB Machine Gun

The 0.50" M2HB, with its legendary ruggedness and reliability, has proved itself in service with more than 80 countries around the world. It has an effective range of 1800 metres and in addition to its ground support role this versatile weapon can be fitted to all types of armoured, light and heavy vehicles, patrol boats, helicopters and aircraft.

The Manroy Quick Change Barrel (QCB) is a feature of the Manroy 0.50" Machine Gun. It completely eliminates the need for headspacing by the user, allowing barrels to be changed in seconds. Manroy also manufactures a QCB conversion kit to update customers' existing weapons.

7.62mm GPMG Machine Gun
Flexibility of use and simplicity of design combine to make the GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) an outstandingly effective and reliable weapon.
It has a built in bipod for infantry use and can be used on a tripod for sustained fire. It can also be fired from pedestal mounts on various vehicles, boats and helicopters or mounted as coaxial armament in battle tanks and armoured vehicles.

The Manroy Softmount has been designed to enable all types of 0.50" M2Hb Machine Gun to be used with much greater accuracy and control. The Softmount absorbs most of the gun's recoil energy allowing faster target acquisition and improved aim, making the weapon considerably more effective, especially when used in marine or anti-aircraft applications.
The Softmount is easily adapted to all standard mounting systems and can be fitted with shoulder rest and various weapon sights. Since the sight is mounted on the buffered section of the Softmount the recoil forces do not adversely affect the weapon sight.

In addition to the manufacture of a complete range of standard mounts for the 0.50" M2HB Machine Gun and the 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun, Manroy is a world leader in the design and production of specialist weapons mountings for all types of vehicle - armoured, light utility, hovercraft, patrol boats, helicopters and aircraft - and is able to supply mounts exactly matched to customers' requirements.

The Manroy Softmount

Armourer's Tool Kit
The Manroy Armourer's Tool Kit is both compact and highly portable yet it contains virtually everything the armourer needs to keep a gun firing at the front line.
The standard Kit included over 80 items but the contents can be varied to suit individual weapons.

Bore Scope
A quick, simple, and highly accurate way to ensure correct alignment of weapon sight and bore axis. The Bore Scope features a cast aluminium body with stainless steel bore probe. Probes can be changed to suit calibre of gun.

Stud Fixing Tool
The fastest way to make permanent or temporary fixings in wood, steel, concrete and many other materials, the Manroy Stud Fixing Tool actually cuts fixing times by up to 75%. Tests have also shown that fixings are generally superior with much less wastage.
The Manroy Stud Fixing Tool has been carefully designed with safety in mind and complies fully with BS 4078.

Signal Pistol
As supplied to UK and many foreign government agencies, the Manroy Signal Pistol is a single- action, drop-barrel pistol featuring all-steel construction and hard plastic grips. All types of 1" (25mm) signal ammunition may be used and the pistol can also be supplied in 26.5mm calibre.

Refurbishment and Servicing
As manufacturers of the world-renown 0.50" M2Hb and 7.62mm GPMG Machine Guns, we probably have more experience in the production and servicing of these weapons than any other company in the field.

This knowledge and experience lies at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to offer a refurbishment and servicing facility second to none.


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