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Air Covers Ltd is a company that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke fabric products. The No.1 product is a tailored fabric helicopter cover that has become the chosen cover for expeditions, exploration companies, military supply and private owners..

At Air Covers we define Quality as a product that meets the customer's performance, schedule and cost requirements. Experts in design, modelling and performance fabrics, we work with customers and suppliers who share our commitment to quality.


Style and Performance

Our covers are designed to look great as well as providing the best protective covering you can buy. Hand patterned and digitally modelled, our designs are like no other. Easily and quickly fitted by one person in poor weather, our covers can be used for year-round outside protection and as dust and grease covers for covered hangar storage.

You want your aircraft protected in the worst of weathers by a cover that fits so closely there is no danger of fabric flogging and of course it must look good. Our covers are superbly detailed and come in a hard-wearing lightweight bag that can be compressed to fit in almost any storage area of the helicopter.

We create the ultimate in protective covers. Our background in fabric design and aviation means we know how important it is to keep the weight and space demands of your payload to a minimum. Air Covers come in two standard ranges and a bespoke option for specialised requirements. The two standard ranges are both designed to be packed away in the aircraft.

Using a full R44 hull cover (nose to tail boom) as a comparative size:

Helitourer: 2kgs or 4lbs 8oz
Supermarine: less than 1kg or 2lbs

To our knowledge this is the lightest cover in the world. It has exceptional tensile strength and strong resistance to UV.

We can supply full covers or any combination of sub-assemblies.


Fabric Testing

A key part of our Quality Management System is fabric testing. Lindstrand Technologies are one of the world's foremost performance fabric aviation engineers.

Fabrics are subjected to accelerated UV ageing, tear and shear testing under loads that can reach 3 tonnes in chambers chilled to -50degC or heated to +80degC.

The ultimate in stowable protection

Hot cabins are uncomfortable; sand, ice and snow are dangerous; UV damages the paintwork, upholstery and instrumentation; airport pollution coats your aircraft with an oily film; salt spray corrodes the airframe; people are curious; hangar dirt builds up unseen.

There are many reasons why a helicopter should be covered. Our experience has shown that with an Air Cover your aircraft is cooler, cleaner and needs less unscheduled maintenance. You should have the best stowable protection the world can provide. You need an Air Cover.

Customer Testimonials

Air Covers are the world's finest helicopter covers and the No.1 choice of helicopter professionals. Hand patterned and digitally modelled, our covers are made from custom fabrics designed for extreme performance in the aviation industry.

‘I haven't seen better covers so obviously made to meet the helicopter pilot's needs. They weigh next to nothing and take up hardly any space in the hold. I'm delighted with your product.'
Colin Bodill, Round-the-World and Pole-to-Pole pilot.

‘Our aircraft are on standby in some of the world's remotest places and need protection. Unscheduled maintenance is definitely reduced with Air Covers.'
Dave Simpson, Bristow Helicopters, Nigeria.

‘We believe that Air Covers are the best way to protect your helicopter outside of a hangar. They are also the best designed covers; a single person can fit one in under a minute.'
Mike Smith, MD, HeliAir Ltd.


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Air Covers

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