Operational Security Ltd (trading as OPSEC) is a UK based company. Its two main directors have both technical and Marketing / sales backgrounds; having vast experience with integration of Security systems and X-Ray detection techniques.

The main focus of OPSEC's business is the promotion of sales for the new CarScan system, OPSEC are gearing up to hit the ground running with as much market penetration and customer awareness of the CarSCAN, prior to the launch of this revolutionary new system.

CarSCAN rapidly inspects cars and light trucks for explosives, contraband and stowaways at vehicle checkpoints. Passengers remain safely inside the vehicle, allowing a thorough inspection with the highest throughput.

CarSCAN significantly increases detection capabilities at military checkpoints, national infrastructure, and other high-security locations. Concealed items are quickly identified in vehicles traveling at normal checkpoint speeds, reducing wait times at border crossings and other high-volume inspection sites.

CarSCAN uses a proprietary dual-energy transmission X-ray technology called K-Edge Switched Energyâ„¢. This technique requires only a single view penetrating through the entire vehicle to greatly minimize blind spots. Organic objects are highlighted in easily understandable color-coded images that practically eliminate clutter. Advanced algorithms measure the dimension and weight of concealed organic masses providing additional useful information to the operator. A conventional black and white image is also displayed to locate metal objects such as weapons. CarSCAN makes it easy for the screener to make a rapid and accurate determination of a vehicle's contents.

Ultra-low Dose

The X-ray level used in CarSCAN is extremely low, about 1/10,000th of a typical medical X-ray. Each scan exposes the vehicle's occupants to about 5 microRem of radiation. For comparison, naturally occurring radioactive materials in the air and soil expose all persons to 300 microRem per day. Airline passengers receive about 500 microRem each hour during flight, due to the increased elevation. CarSCAN complies with ANSI/HPS N43-17, the primary standard in the U.S. for general purpose security screening of humans using X-rays.

K-Edge Switched Energyâ„¢

CarSCAN operates with a patent-pending technique called K-Edge Switched EnergyTM. Conventional X-ray systems use a single-energy beam with no ability to distinguish metal from organic objects. The resulting black and white image shows shapes, but no information on the material's composition. In comparison, K-Edge Switched Energy simultaneously screens the vehicle at two different energies, allowing metal and organic objects to be electronically separated by advanced computer processing. Organic threats such as explosives, stowaways, and drugs are displayed in shades of yellow and red, allowing the operator to quickly understand the vehicle's contents.

Applications & Customers

CarSCAN's overall operation is similar to an airport baggage scanner. However, the technical challenge of scanning vehicles is far more difficult, needing to penetrate through a thick steel frame while only using a minuscule level of X-rays. Spectrum San Diego developed the K-Edge Switched Energy technology to overcome this problem. Proprietary X-ray filters are rapidly alternated in the scanning beam to provide narrowly focused energy bands. One of these filters has a special characteristic, known in physics as a high K-edge energy. This key property allows CarSCAN to operate within a narrow window of X-ray energy that simultaneously provides good penetration and extremely low X-ray dose.

This precise energy control makes CarSCAN an accurate measurement device, far more sophisticated than scanners that simply produce an image. Software tools allow the operator to identify the exact size and weight of suspicious objects, in addition to their shape and location in the vehicle.

Applications & Customers include: Defense and Force Protection, Borders, Ports and Ferries, Critical National Infrastructure.

Spectrum San Diego, Inc. is a high tech security innovator, specializing in ultra-lowdose X-ray screening systems. Founded in 1998, the company's technologies focus on the rapid detection of weapons, drugs, stowaways and explosives, including Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Spectrum San Diego pioneered the use of ultra-low-dose X-ray technology, providing revolutionary security solutions to the
government, law enforcement and military. Spectrum San Diego has also played a crucial role in the protection and safety of the public post 9/11, through its CastScopeâ„¢ screening system, now used in airports across the United States by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The company's solutions address real world problems, delivering advanced screening and detection capabilities with unparalleled operational efficiency. Products include CarSCANâ„¢, SentryScopeâ„¢ and CastScopeâ„¢. The company's technologies can be found at high security facilities and locations worldwide.


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June 2009


OPSEC Announces the CarSCAN Explosive Detection System Operational Security Ltd (OPSEC) has announced CarSCAN, a new system that rapidly inspects c[more]

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