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Forecast International, Inc. provides market intelligence and analyses for the aerospace, defense, military electronics, and power systems industries. Forecast International products are designed to assist corporate executives, military leaders and top government personnel in strategic planning and gathering market intelligence. A staff of seasoned professionals tracks over 5,000 individual programs and produces a series of market intelligence services, analyses, and specialized news services in support of a worldwide client base. Key areas of market research include military and civil aerospace, weapons and missile systems, electronics, naval systems, and power systems. All reports come complete with 10-year unit and value forecasts, as well as projected market share calculations for competing manufacturers.

Forecast International offers a broad array of services, broken out as follows:

Forecast International provides detailed coverage of all segments of the Aerospace/Defense industries: military and civil aviation, space and satellites, missiles, fighting and military support vehicles (including unmanned vehicles), ordnance and munitions, naval surface and undersea systems, and military electronics systems. It also tracks and forecasts the military budgets that support these industries and provides detailed reports on hundreds of companies that compete for business.

Power Systems
Forecast International provides full coverage of aviation gas turbines of all types, large steam turbines, and the land & sea-based gas turbines that provide marine and industrial power worldwide. Forecast International maintains the world's largest and most complete listing of installed industrial and marine gas turbines.

Consulting Expertise
Over the years, the Forecast International Consulting Group has performed hundreds of specialized studies for many of the world's top defense companies, and for governments throughout the world. These proprietary studies involve both open-source and classified research, and are performed at a very high level of clearance. In recent years, FI has leveraged the power of the Internet to conduct specialized surveys, allowing the company to obtain valuable information quickly while reducing costs to clients all while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Products and Delivery Systems
Forecast International offers 38 industry-specific Market Intelligence Services, 47 FocusedMarket Segment Analyses, and 35 electronically distributed Intelligence Newsletters. It also maintains a number of powerful databases on military and civil aircraft, as well as contractor data. Data is provided in Binder format, on DVD, and in real-time over the Internet, via the company Intelligence Center. Custom licensing programs for HTML Intranets, WAN and LAN data distribution are available.

Client Base
Forecast International serves over 3,000 individual clients, representing the full spectrum of the aerospace and defense industry, from small companies selling to niche markets, to global corporations and a broad range of government agencies worldwide.

Europe (Including Russia)

Hawk Associates Ltd. United Kingdom Headquarters
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New Street, Chipping Norton
Oxon OX7 5LJ, UK
Phone: (44) 1 608 643281
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Hawk Associates Ltd.
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June 2011

Forecast International Inc. 23rd June 2011

Far-reaching Change Under Way in Large Airliner Market Forecast International has released a new study projecting that a total of 13,869 large comm[more]

April 2011

Forecast International Inc. 12th April 2011

Three Key Factors at Play for Russia's $705 Billion Military Modernization The Russian government is intent on reviving the nation's arms industry [more]

January 2011

Forecast International Inc. 24th January 2011

Cheonan Sinking Stirs New Interest in Coastal Submarines According to Forecast International's "The Market for Submarines" analy[more]

Forecast International Inc. 19th January 2011

Military Modernization Efforts Spur Further Middle East Defense Growth The Middle East defense spending binge is set to grow further in coming year[more]

December 2010

Forecast International Inc. 21st December 2010

African Defense Spending Growth Expected to Slow The structure of the African arms market has shifted in recent years due to burgeoning energy eco[more]

Forecast International Inc. 16th December 2010

Department of Defense Fears the Budget Axe According to Forecast International's latest analysis of the U.S. defense market, the DoD budget is faci[more]

Forecast International Inc. 6th December 2010

Delayed Recovery Forecast for Bizjet Market A new study released by Forecast International projects that a total of 11,437 business jets, worth an [more]

November 2010

Forecast International Inc. 22nd November 2010

Internal Conflict Drives Latin American Arms Market Latin American defense spending is expected to grow from approximately $63 billion in 2011 to m[more]

April 2010

Forecast International Inc. 30th April 2010

Russian Reforms Mean Major Defense Modernization After years of mulling over various reform strategies, Russia is finally moving forward with plans[more]

March 2010

Forecast International Inc. 15th March 2010

Near-Term Growth Expected in Medium/Heavy Military Rotorcraft Market In a new study, "The Market for Medium/Heavy Military Rotorcraft," Forec[more]

Forecast International Inc. 8th March 2010

Forecast International Projects $28.4 Billion Market for Leading Electronic Warfare Programs Forecast International's "The Market for Electronic Wa[more]

February 2010

Forecast International Inc. 16th February 2010

A Tense World Keeps Defense Electronics Market in Business Forecast International's 2010 "The Market for U.S. Defense Electronics" for[more]

December 2009

Forecast International Inc. 10th December 2009

A New Era for the U.S. Defense Market After years of unprecedented growth, the pace of overall U.S. defense spending appears to have reached a plat[more]

January 2010

Forecast International Inc. 20th January 2010

Gulf Region Remains the Nucleus of Middle East Defense Growth NEWTOWN, Conn. [January 27, 2010] — Sustained by the spending habits of the Gu[more]

December 2009

Forecast International Inc. 1st December 2009

Latin American Defense Plans Move Forward Despite Recession Although Latin American country budgets have been cut, defense spending for the most p[more]

November 2009

Forecast International Inc. 10th November 2009

Regional Aircraft Market: Short-Term Chaos; Long-Term Growth Forecast International's "The Market for Regional Transport Aircraft" pro[more]

December 2009

Forecast International Inc. 1st December 2009

African Defense Market Churning Despite Economic Woes Africa is host to a dynamic arms market polarized by broad economic disparities and myriad se[more]

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Forecast International Inc.

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