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South Africa National Port Authority Selects the A109 Power

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the South African National Port Authority (NPA) has selected the A109 Power for its Harbour Pilot Shuttle (HPS) service in Richards Bay. The NPA has since 1998 been operating AgustaWestland A109K2 helicopters. The NPA's A109 Power HPS will perform marine pilot service operations, search and rescue missions, emergency medical evacuation and general support to international shipping.

The A109 Power HPS is the standard setting helicopter in terms of safety, mission capability and versatility. The aircraft is equipped with two new generation Pratt & Whitney or Turbomeca engines equipped with FADEC, which allows the automatic management of both engines, thus reducing and simplifying the starting procedure and pilot workload during flight. The aircraft is certified for full Class 1 performance from ground based or elevated helipads even in hot and high environments.

The A109 Power is single pilot IFR certified. The available internal space, the easy access to the cabin and the functional layout, allow rapid role changes from marine pilot transport to passenger and cargo transport to aerial ambulance configuration with one or two longitudinal litters and two medical attendant seats. In the standard HPS configuration, the Power is equipped with three rear seats and one central swiveling seat used by the hoist operator. The A109 Power HPS offers today's harbor pilot authorities a modern, safe, and efficient way to increase a port's productivity while decreasing port congestion and transport costs.

South African, Chinese and American operators are already benefiting from the advantages of operating A109 Powers in the HPS configuration.

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