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BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR has been awarded a contract, in partnership with AeI, to supply Link 11 datalink sub-systems for integration with the STN ATLAS (a BAE SYSTEMS joint venture with Rheinmetall AG) ISUS 90 Combat Management System on board Class 214 submarines being built by HDW for the Hellenic Navy.

Paul Laity, Managing Director of the Christchurch, United Kingdom-based Communications & Defence Infrastructure team, comments “This contract further extends BAE SYSTEMS experience of the tactical data link, an essential component of information exchange used in single-service, joint or combined environments, providing forces with the ability to exchange real-time information for the co-ordination of military operations.”

BAE SYSTEMS offers a NATO STANAG-compliant multi-link workstation that can work in both 'transmit-and-receive' or 'receive only' modes. Taking off-the-shelf components and integrating them with proven software packages, the company provides rugged, lightweight solutions with reduced equipment volumes, customised to specific users' requirements in either stand-alone, overlay or integrated configurations.

Today’s most widely utilised tactical data link is Link 11, particularly since its release to Partnership for Peace nations. BAE SYSTEMS Link 11 receive-only solutions are now in service in the Royal Navy attack submarines. Its integrated Link 11 system is a feature of the Italian Navy's SAURO Class submarines, Turkish Navy submarines, and will be the solution for a number of other NATO and non-NATO navies.

BAE SYSTEMS also has a proven Link 16 operational capability through delivery of an integrated Link 16 sub-system into the Royal Navy's Type 42 and CVS platforms. This integrated the JTIDS Class 2H terminals with a network monitoring and planning facility to provide operators with a dynamic multi-link network management capability and situational awareness display.

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