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Smiths Detection Lightweight Chemical Detector provides new level of personal protection for emergency responders

Wearable device in extensive use with military forces, now available for emergency responders and civil sector specialists.

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, has completed the worldwide launch of its Lightweight Chemical Detector (LCD), for non-military personnel operating in high risk situations. It is now being offered in the US market where it is designated LCD-FR.

The LCD, originally developed to meet stringent military requirements, is available for use by emergency responders including law enforcement officers and other civil sector specialists. A compact and rugged device, it adds a layer of protection against the presence of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

Stephen Phipson, Group Managing Director of Smiths Detection, a world-leading provider of x-ray technology and systems that detect and identify chemicals, biological threats and explosives, said: "The LCD is a highly sensitive product, already employed by armed forces and in training facilities around the world. These wearable detect-to-warn devices will bring increased confidence to emergency responders in many high risk situations, automatically alerting them to the presence of harmful chemicals.�

The LCD has three operating modes: CW for the detection of chemical warfare agents, TIC for the detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals, and Survey for detection of residual persistent contamination following decontamination. The device features a non-radioactive ionisation source, along with a user-friendly, cost-effective maintenance pack.

"The LCD is capable of detecting substances with concentrations below the classification of ‘immediately dangerous to life or health' (IDLH),� said Simon Read, LCD Programme Manager at Smiths Detection. "This allows real-time detection of nerve, blister, blood and toxic industrial chemical threats to emergency responders, adding an additional layer of protection in the field.�

The LCD expands Smiths Detection's product line of portable first responder equipment, that includes the HazMatID, GasID and RespondeR RCI identification devices for unknown chemical substances. Together these provide an unparalleled level of detection and identification which includes: toxic industrial chemicals, suspicious white powders, illicit drugs, nerve and blister agents, weapons of mass destruction, volatile organic compounds, chemical warfare agents, explosives, pesticides, flammables and non-flammables.

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