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BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR has been awarded a contract by the UK Defence Procurement Agency to supply software support for the company-supplied GP3 command application suite to the Headquarters of the NATO Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC).

GP3 provides a suite of flexible command tools that operate within a network enabled environment to assist ARRC Headquarters commanders and staffs to carry out G2 (Intelligence) and G3 (Operations/Plans) functions. It integrates the situational awareness, order generation and plan dissemination capabilities of deployed forces.

BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR recently supplied ARRC with the new Release 4 standard of GP3 with enhanced mapping and symbology. It was successfully employed in the NATO exercise ARRCADE FUSION '02 in November last year.

Managing Director of C4ISR's Christchurch-based Communications & Defence Infrastructure team, Paul Laity, commented "The ability to monitor and co-ordinate battlespace operations is a key enabler in creating a battle-winning network enabled capability. GP3 supports this need, utilising wide area networks for inter-headquarters communications. It is operationally proven, extensible and configurable, and can adapt to a wide range of infrastructure requirements.�

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