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Senior Táxi Aéreo To Operate First AW139s Offshore In Brazil

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Brazilian company Senior Táxi Aéreo will start operating three AW139 medium-twin helicopters for offshore transport in May 2007. This will mark the entrance of this advanced helicopter in the Brazilian offshore oil and gas transport market.

Senior Táxi Aéreo, based in Rio de Janeiro, operates a fleet of medium size helicopters and is one of the leading operators in the Brazilian offshore transport market.

The AW139 is quickly becoming the aircraft of choice for offshore oil and gas support operations having already entered service with almost all the major providers of offshore helicopter transportation services around the world. The AW139 is ideally suited for the offshore role, with its large cabin and baggage compartments allowing it to transport 12 to 15 passengers. The superior power of the two installed P&W PT6C-67C engines ensures the AW139 has the best performance in its weight class in all operating conditions.

The AW139 offers unparalleled features in its class in terms of performance, capacity and safety. The helicopter has been extremely successful in the offshore transport market with aircraft already in service in the UK and Dutch sectors of the North Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico. More than 210 AW139 helicopters have been ordered to date, making it the best selling helicopter in its class. While the offshore market has proved to be the biggest single market for the AW139 it has seen significant success in the law enforcement, emergency medical service, search and rescue and VIP/Corporate transport sectors. Over 60 aircraft are now in service with operators in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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