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SELEX S&AS sponsors inaugural Security Expo in Riyadh marking 40 years association in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems (S&AS) UK are proud to be the lead sponsor of the first ever Security Expo in Riyadh 2007 after 40 years of association with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

As a world leader of sensor and airborne systems for military and security platforms in the air, at sea and on land, SELEX S&AS will showcase its pedigree in the fields of Homeland Security, Tactical Security Solutions and Sensor Systems integration. These include integrated packages for proactive surveillance and response for coastal and land border security applications.

SELEX S&AS has been working in partnership with Saudi Arabia for 40 years and has long recognised the strategic importance of this alliance. For over 20 of these years, based in Riyadh , SELEX S&AS has created exciting job opportunities, strengthening the industry in the Kingdom through continuous technology transfer and the training of over 500 Saudi technicians. SELEX S&AS will continue to fully involve Saudi partner companies as we develop new products and fulfil new contracts.

Stephen Reeves, SELEX S&AS Executive Vice President for Saudi Arabia said: "Although SELEX S&AS is a relatively new name we have been around a long time. We have been involved and active in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for some 40 years as far back as 1967 when we were involved in SIMCATS combining Air Defence Radar and Air Traffic Control Facilities. For this reason we are extremely pleased to be the lead sponsor of this first Security Expo here in Riyadh.�

He continued; "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very much a key market for us and we greatly value the strength of our relationship to date and we look forward to a continued and successful partnership in the future.�

Key systems on display at the 1st Security Expo in Riyadh include:-

Land Systems

MSU - Mobile Surveillance Unit - is being demonstrated at the outdoor display area. The MSU offers Daylight and Infra-Red surveillance, with radar capability rapidly deployable to remote areas. MSUs are capable of being deployed and configured as a networked chain offering command, control and surveillance at district level. MSUs are in service with many European border guard agencies.

HYDRA - Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) - offering networked Acoustic and Infra-red detection capability for location of vehicle movement and human activity. UGS are networked to MSU for wide area coverage.

STAWS - Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Weapon Sight - night and day surveillance and targeting capability below armour and DNVS - Drivers Night Vision System - 24 hour driving vision in all conditions; both are in service with the armed forces and are integral to the ENFORCER Remotely Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) for rapid reaction force response.

GBAIT ‘Ground based Active Imaging Technology' uses a BIL ‘Burst Illumination Laser' to amplify low light sources at night at extremely long range by a ‘burst' technique. GBAIT enables covert high quality illumination of buildings and ship structures at long range to detect illicit activity.

AMBRIEL - provides operators un-encumbered wireless communication with the vehicle; in service with UK Army.

Air and Seaborne systems

Seaspray 7000E ‘E-Scan' radar; the ‘eyes' of the US Coastguard C130 fleet, used to detect small fast inshore attack craft, in high clutter environments. Seaspray is in service with many other border agencies.

PicoSAR ‘Small Synthetic Aperture Radar' - provides high resolution all weather radar imaging at low cost, proven effectiveness, flying on the Selex FALCO tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) and light weight helicopters.

PALS ‘Passive Littoral System' - passively detects and ‘tags' fishing and other craft through their radar signature, working well outside the range of the targets own radar system. PALS enabled a European Navy to exceed their annual arrest target in just one month.

TITAN 385 ‘Multi-Sensor Turret System' comprising IR, low light & colour TV, laser rangefinder and designator; over 500 units sold worldwide.

ATOS ‘Airborne Tactical Observation & Surveillance System' - offers a multi-function sensor suite comprising; Seaspray 7000E, PALS, TITAN 385 EO/IR sensors turret, Tactical mission console and down-link. This multi-sensor platform offers wide area surveillance and response. ATOS is fitted on the BN defender and another turbo-prop platform in service with a European Coastguard and Police agency

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