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AgustaWestland - A Complete Range Of Maritime Helicopters

What ever the mission - anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, airborne mine counter measures, maritime patrol, amphibious support, search and rescue - AgustaWestland can meet the maritime helicopter requirements of navies and agencies around the world. AgustaWestland is the only helicopter manufacturer in the world to be able to offer a complete range of maritime helicopters, which starts with the AW109 Power at 3 tons and goes right up through the weight categories with products such as Super Lynx, Future Lynx, AW139, NH90 and at the top end the 16 ton AW101.

The AW109 Power is the best solution for an embarked light twin engine helicopter, due to its multi-mission effectiveness, extensive corrosion protection and ability to operate in high sea states. With its wide array of sensors - radar, FLIR and sonobuoys - the Power offers the capacity to perform a range of ship based maritime surveillance roles. Additionally the AW109 Power can be equipped for search and rescue, drug interdiction and port security roles. The AW109 Power, in its maritime variant is already in service with customers in the United States of America, Italy, Sweden and Nigeria.

The Super Lynx 300 with its exceptional performance and rugged airframe is a twin engine, 5 ton class helicopter, ideally suited to a wide range of naval roles including search and rescue, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, maritime patrol, armed support and casualty evacuation. A wide range of weapons systems can be carried to provide armed support to naval operations. The powerful CTS800 engines and the fully integrated glass cockpit provide the crew with state-of-the-art technology increasing crew and mission effectiveness. The Super Lynx 300 for naval applications has been already ordered by the Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Thai Navy and South African Navy. The legendary ship operating capability of the Lynx enables it to operate from small ships in adverse weather conditions when other helicopters are confined to the hangar.

Future Lynx is the next generation of the Lynx family of maritime helicopters. The British Royal Navy have ordered 30 aircraft which will be fully operational in 2015 meeting the UK Ministry of Defence's Surface Combatant Maritime Rotorcraft requirement. The new Future Lynx integrates the latest sensor technology into a more capable air vehicle that will raise the capability of intermediate maritime helicopters.

The 6.4 ton AW139 is the best selling medium twin helicopter in the world and is the only new technology helicopter in its weight class. Ideally suited to coast guard and maritime patrol roles the AW139 has already been selected by the Japanese Coast Guard and agencies in Spain, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Estonia for maritime operations. The large capacity cabin allows up to 15 passengers/survivors to be carried, while its high cruise speed and long range make it ideal for search and rescue operations.

The NH90 is a twin engine, 11 ton class multi-role helicopter, developed to meet the naval shipborne helicopter requirements of several European NATO countries. The NH90 NFH has a complete set of passive and active sensors to perform anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions, day and night, in adverse weather operations. AgustaWestland is responsible for the naval mission integration on behalf of the French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and German Navies. The NH90 is also equipped with advanced fly-by-wire flight control system and a comprehensive health and usage monitoring system to maximise reliability, maintainability and supportability.

The AW101, with a maximum take off weight of 15.6 tons is the largest and most capable maritime helicopter available today. Designed from the outset to operate from frigate size ships the AW101 is a fully autonomous maritime helicopter with the ability to perform anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, maritime surveillance, airborne early warning, airborne mine countermeasures and amphibious support roles. Powered by three 2,500 shop class engines the AW101 has exceptional performance and an endurance in excess of five hours or a range of up to 900 nm with auxiliary fuel. Designed to operate day and night in the most challenging weather conditions, the AW101 incorporates the most advanced sensor fit of any maritime helicopter including dipping sonar, sonics processing, electronic surveillance measures, FLIR and 360 degree scan radar. Variants of the AW101 are in service with the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force, Italian Navy and the UK's Royal Navy.

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