AgustaWestland2007-05-15 09:31:47

New Sonobuoy ASW Capability Developed for the AW109

The AgustaWestland AW109 is now available with an anti-submarine role capability following development and trials of a new sonobuoy dispensing system. The sonobuoy dispensing system is mounted in cabin and can dispense six sonobuoys through an opening in the cabin floor, either manually or via a remote command from the Dispenser Control Unit.

The Dispenser Control Unit provides the operator with information about the status of the sonobuoys while the Sonobuoy Data Relay System (SDRS) receives data from the deployed sonobuoys, pre-process the information and relay it to a ship or base station for analysis. The SDRS also allows weather radar and/or FLIR data to be down linked to the ship or base station.

The system enhances the maritime capabilities of the AW109 giving it a very cost effective anti-submarine capability when working in conjunction with other anti-submarine warfare assets. The AW109 is already in service worldwide with navies and maritime agencies performing search and rescue, maritime patrol, drug interdiction, border patrol and port security duties.

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