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ATLAS ASW Sonar Systems for Royal Danish Navy's new Patrol Ships

The Royal Danish Navy has ordered three ATLAS Hullmounted Sonar Systems (Type ASO 94) for the new Danish Patrol Ships. The new Patrol Ships will be built by the Odense Steel Shipyard and shall be delivered to the RDN between 2011 and 2013. With this contract signed already in December 2006 the Royal Danish Navy will have five identical sonar systems in service, since two sonar systems have already been contracted and delivered for the Flexible Support Ships (Absalon Class).

The most modern ASO 94 sonar not only provides an excellent detection performance for submarines, it also enhances the vessel's capability for self defence due to the sonar's integrated torpedo and moored mine detection functions. The sonar will be integrated with the TERMA C4I system. ASO 94 Type of sonars has proven its excellent performance with numerous navies worldwide.

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