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Finnish Navy joins the IMCMS User Club

With Finlands Naval Forces a further European Navy procures an ATLAS Integrated Mine Countermeasure System IMCMS from ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH. ATLAS has signed a contract with the main contractor Intermarine (Italy) on 3rd April 2007 to deliver three IMCMS Systems and a Mine Warfare Data Centre for the Finnish MCMV2010 new-build project. The systems will go into operation from 2010 to 2012.

The main contract with the end-customer was signed on 23rd Nov. 2006. With the IMCMS-FN the Finnish Navy will receive an up-to-date operational mine counter measure capability as well as supporting functions like seabed mapping, underwater search and identification capabilities and the possibility to dispose underwater explosives. The systems will be EU and NATO interoperable and will provide the possibilities to participate in international crisis management operations.

The decision of the Finnish Navy follows the Royal Swedish Navy's choice for the ATLAS IMCMS in January 2005. The RSwN is upgrading its five Koster Class MCM vessels with the ATLAS systems which will be commissioned into operational service between 2008 and 2009. Finland's and Sweden's systems will be based on the IMCMS which is under contract for the upgrade of ten Dutch Alkmaar and six Belgian Flower Class MCM vessels.
The highly Integrated Mine Counter Measure System IMCMS complies with the most demanding MCM requirements ever requested for in MCM applications. It combines Rapid Environmental Assessment, Minehunting, Minesweeping, Mine Disposal, Surveillance and Communication with other naval forces.

The system comprises a comprehensive ATLAS MCM Combat Management System with precise navigation and vessel control functions, includes the latest generation of most powerful ATLAS Hullmounted Sonars, i.e. the broadband ATLAS HMS-12M and the successful ATLAS Mine Identification and Disposal System (MIDS) SEAFOX. IMCMS also includes all necessary functions for remote minehunting and sweeping.

IMCMS-FN fully integrates further sensors and effectors like Underwater Positioning System, Navigation Radar, WECDIS, Navigation Sensors, conventional MIDS system including sonar, autonomous underwater mine reconnaissance vehicles, hydrographic sensors and evaluation systems, electrooptical system and gun. The system is prepared for easy integration of third party software like special naval application software as well as office type software.

The IMCMS features are easy to operate due to fully integrated system and common look and feel, comprehensive presentation of tactical and navigation data including ECDIS and AML as well as easy message handling and data communication.

Furthermore IMCMS underlines its uniqueness through leading edge MCM sonar for both minehunting and mine avoidance, computer aided detection and classification and functions for remote control minehunting and mine sweeping.

The integrated SEAFOX mine disposal system, which is now introduced in nine countries, instructor based mission simulation for on-board training and online documentation completes the feature list.

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