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New ATLAS ELEKTRONIK group stands for maritime and naval solutions above and below the ocean surface. The company holds an undisputed "pole position� in all fields of maritime high technology, from survey echosounders to heavyweight torpedoes, from coastal protection systems to minehunting sonars, and from command & control systems including radio & communication systems for submarines, surface combatants and mine warfare systems to in-service support.

The electronics specialist for maritime and naval systems, now a joint company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS, has established an extensive world-wide customer portfolio. The sound technology basis and product range based on "sensor-to-shooter� chains for naval and maritime assets meets the challenges of many navies, port authorities and other institutions around the globe.

Today the company's capability and product range also allows it to play a leading role in addressing the new and growing asymmetric threats generally covered under the heading of "Maritime Security". Radio and communication systems from ATLAS connect naval ships and land based platforms into networkbased environments.

ATLAS is the established leader in the development of integrated sonar and command & control systems for submarines with its ISUS product; ISUS has been delivered to more than a dozen navies to date. The company's heavyweight torpedoes, found in more than 150 submarines around the world today, complete the submarine„ sensor-to-shooter"chain.

A similar "„sensor-to-shooter"capability exists in mine warfare. Complete mine warfare systems, from the sonar through to the mine disposal weapon, and many of the ships in the German inventory have been supplied by ATLAS as well as mine hunting solutions to many world navies.

The company provides command & control systems for OPVs, Corvettes and Frigates as well as integrated navigation systems. For surface combatants, ATLAS also supplies state-of-the-art, passive and active sonars for ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) - hull mounted and towed arrays.

ATLAS' underlying technology and know-how in sensors, signal processing, command and control and underwater vehicles (including torpedoes) has taken the company into a number of adjacent markets in which its technology has been applied to other applications. The market for coastal surveillance systems (CSS) is only one example. With well over 100 Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS) operational world-wide the company has also established a significant position in VTS for the automated control and monitoring of shipping within sea lanes, ports and harbours and their approach areas. Another example is hydrography with products and solutions for applications in port and waterway survey, hydrographic survey for charting and in naval warfare as well as in offshore and marine research activities.

Today the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group employs nearly 2000 specialists in naval and maritime systems whose skills cover the complete life cycle - from design and development through production to inservice support. The company today is a key player in the German maritime scene with its headquarters in Bremen and several further German locations. A network of subsidiaries and joint ventures around the globe ensures proximity to customers worldwide. Currently this network consists of Hagenuk Marinekommunikation (Germany), ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (Great Britain), SONARTECH ATLAS (Australia), ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC (Germany + Australia), ATLAS NAVAL SYSTEMS MY (Malaysia), and ATLAS MARIDAN (Denmark).

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