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Smiths Detection launches new hand-held biological agent detector- Bio-Seeq Plus

Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announces the launch of Bio-Seeq Plus, an advanced technology hand-held device for the rapid identification of biological threats such as anthrax and plague.

Bio-Seeq Plus has been developed to provide emergency response teams and military personnel with an easy-to-operate system to identify specific bacteria and toxins, when wearing full protective clothing, including heavy gloves.

Identification of the agents anthrax pX01 & pX02, tularemia, plague, and orthopox, can be achieved within 40 minutes. Stephen Phipson, Smiths Detection Group Managing Director, said: "Technology and product developments which enhance global security are core elements in the growth of Smiths Detection. Bio-Seeq Plus is a prime example of our successful ability to put laboratory science into the hands of security professionals who require rapid results. It is the first of several new product launches planned by Smiths Detection this year.

"Bios-Seeq Plus is capable of playing a major role in meeting the escalating threat of terrorist activities involving biological weapons of mass destruction. It will help to protect emergency or military forces and the general public, by identifying dangerous pathogens against an already complex environmental background.�

The Bio-Seeq Plus instrument is capable of running up to six tests either in parallel or independently, allowing the user the maximum flexibility to run the appropriate analysis when dealing with a potential threat. Smiths Detection's proprietary Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) chemistry gives quick end-point analysis, enabling non-technical users with minimal training to operate the system with confidence. In addition, Bio-Seeq Plus becomes the first product to use the Smiths Detection PCR enhancement reagent, PrimeSafe, specifically designed to reduce background noise sometimes created in PCR reactions with these assays.

Bio-Seeq Plus is an enhanced version of the Bio-Seeq hand-held device already in use with front line forces around the world. As well as Primesafe technology, Bio-Seeq Plus features a new thermocycler technology for greater temperature stability and a new keyboard for ease of use. These enhancements will also add to the reliability of the product.

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