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General Dynamics Demonstrates Sampling Technology from Canadian Forces' Vital Point Bio-Sentry Program at Gothenburg Symposium

General Dynamics Canada will demonstrate, for the first time, the sampling module from its VP Bio-Sentry System, recently chosen by the Canadian Forces for use in the Vital Point Bio-Sentry Program, at the 9th Symposium on Protection against Biological Warfare Agents, in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 22-24, 2007. The VP Bio-Sentry System was designed by General Dynamics Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).

The VP Bio-Sentry System is a real-time, biological agent detection and sampling system for static, mobile and naval defence applications. It is designed to detect aerosolized biological agents and issue warnings within seconds, giving personnel time to don protective equipment, as well as providing critical identification information to help mitigate the effects of exposure. Earlier versions of this detection technology have been deployed for more than six years on Canadian Forces ships, used in urban operations and sold to a number of international military customers.

The sampling technology to be demonstrated performs autonomous, event-driven, liquid sample collection to facilitate Biological Warfare Agent identification and post-event forensic verification. The novel design features self-contained liquid sample cartridges, eliminating problematic fluidics and thereby enhancing system reliability, reducing total cost of ownership and minimizing the operational burden to forces in the field.

General Dynamics will deliver initial systems to the Canadian Forces in 2008, with final deliveries anticipated for 2010. An additional version of the system is expected to be available for purchase by other customers in the second quarter of 2008.

The VP Bio Sentry Project will provide the Canadian Forces with six full and 23 partial VP Bio-Sentry systems. A full system includes multiple detectors and an alarming, sampling and identification capability. A partial system provides sampling, alarming and identification capability, using one detector, for ships and for training purposes. The VP Bio-Sentry System is the latest product in the 4WARN family of biological agent detection systems offered by General Dynamics Canada.

General Dynamics Canada is a recognized leader in developing world-class capability and technologies for biological agent detection. For example, working with Defence Research Establishment Suffield (now Defence Research and Development Canada, Suffield), General Dynamics Canada successfully executed and supported the Canadian Integrated Biochemical Agent Detection System (CIBADS) program, the first fully automated, real-time, chemical and biological agent detection system for the Canadian Forces. The system was based on integrating modules for detection, sample collection and identification of both chemical and biological agents. The CIBADS system has been deployed on Canadian Forces ships for five years.

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