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Smiths Detection mobile cargo systems help French Customs fight illegal goods trafficking

Two HCV Mobile systems handed over to French Customs authority to battle drug trafficking, detect contraband and counterfeit goods in France

Smiths Detection today announced that it has delivered two HCV-Mobile systems to French Customs. The special equipment is employed by the authority to screen trucks for narcotics, contraband and counterfeit goods. It is the first time the French Government has ordered mobile scanners for customs applications.

The contract includes an option to buy additional HCV-Mobiles to follow the initial deployment.

Now being provided with a radioscopic image of the inspected truck or vehicle thanks to the HCV-Mobile, French Customs Officers can non-invasively check the load in detail for comparison with the customs declaration. This new procedure will reduce the need for manual inspections substantially and shorten inspection time.

Previous deployments of Smiths Detection cargo screening equipment in France include a stationary system (HCVS) at the port of Le Havre , and an HCV-Mobile at the port of Marseilles .

The latest order is part of an extensive programme to reinforce and modernise Customs activities in France .

The HCV-Mobiles, each with an energy of 4 MeV, are capable of penetrating up to 280 mm of steel. They can be operated in any environment, requiring a set-up time of less than 30 minutes and achieving an average throughput of 25 trucks per hour.

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