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Atlas-QED consortium awarded MoD research contract to deliver a mine counter measures unmanned surface vehicle demonstrator system

• quantified demonstration of likely mine sweeping performance and effectiveness against mine threats in a realistic scenario
• transfer of MOD mine sweeping research knowledge from the laboratory to UK industry.

Atlas Elektronik UK, together with its ‘Atlas-QED' consortium partners EDO Corporation and QinetiQ, has been awarded the research contract to supply a mine counter measures (MCM) flexible agile sweeping technology (FAST) technology readiness demonstrator(TRD) that will ultimately enable MOD to put a combined influence sweep (CIS) replacement into service using FAST Technology.

The FAST TRD is seen as the most cost effective route to achieve transfer of MOD's FAST Science and Technology (S&T) research programme from the laboratory to UK industry.

The project will deliver a fully functional MCM USV demonstrator system with quantified and validated performance through an agreed trials and evaluation programme.

The objectives specifically include:

• de-risking of key technologies for a USV based MCM influence capability
• development of technology and system integration maturity using a design and build TRD programme
• quantified demonstration of likely mine sweeping performance and effectiveness against mine threats in a realistic scenario
• demonstration of deployment, recovery and capture of a FAST USV from an MCMV
• development of an open architecture approach to the FAST components, and
• transfer of MOD mine sweeping research knowledge to the UK industry supplier base.

The ‘Atlas-QED' Consortium is led by Atlas Elektronik UK Ltd, recently created from a joint venture between Thyssenkrupp & EADS Defence & Security, and includes QinetiQ and EDO Corporation. The Consortium captures the majority of the UK's MCM and USV research and development capability coupled with the leading suppliers of Electro Magnetic sweep systems and USVs within the UK and USA. In addition to domain specialists from within the Consortium, other equipment suppliers, small to mediumenterprises and academia will be engaged where this enhances the value of the TRD.

Using its knowledge of the Customer's operational requirements, the underlying technology and the range of potential solutions available worldwide across a range of Technology Readiness Levels, the Consortium has identified the optimum combination of options in terms of performance, architecture and affordability. At sea demonstrations will be undertaken at QinetiQ's Bincleaves test facilities.

Bob Waters, Managing Director of Atlas Elektronik UK Ltd. commented, "This announcement confirms our rationale for forming an international consortium that is flexible in its approach and delivers complimentary world class capabilities. The team is shaped on the experience and success of related programmes in the UK and the USA. Additionally, the consortium and stakeholders enjoy a good open working relationship.�

The FAST TRD contract was accepted on May 29, with design completion due in September, and build completing mid 2008 to ensure testing and evaluation is complete by December 2008, ready for formal demonstrations early in 2009.

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