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J&S Franklin Ltd DefenCell protection system successfully completes vehicle barrier crash testing in an anti-terrorist role. J&S Franklin Ltd "DefenCell" Vehicle Barrier system completes successful Crash testing by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) The recent terrorist attacks at Glasgow Airport and in London have once again highlighted the vulnerability of public and government buildings to vehicle mounted terrorist attacks. DefenCell is a cellular, rapidly deployable barrier system that has recently completed successful testing by TRL in vehicle crash tests, stopping a 7.5t truck. Jeremy Milton of distributors J&S Franklin said, "DefenCell is ideal for the protection of public buildings because it combines strength and stopping power with simplicity, versatility, ease and speed of deployment and a very low logistic footprint. The same system can be deployed in a wide variety of roles including flood barriers, force protection, construction and can be filled with locally available materials such as sand or earth." DefenCell provides a number of significant technical advantages over other barrier systems, noticeably it is one man portable and deployable, its weight, (being up to 10 times lighter than comparable products), it requires 5 times less transport volume, and being non metallic, with no cages or hinges, there is no secondary shrapnel or communications interference. DefenCell is currently in service with the UK MoD in Afghanistan. The TRL vehicle crash test details, Advantica blast mitigation and force protection reports and ballistic test results are available upon application. For more about this product www.defencell.com

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