J & S Franklin Ltd2007-09-13 20:54:23

J & S Franklin sell DefenCell to the US Army

J & S Franklin are pleased to announce that following successful blast tests at this years Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED), in the USA, they have received the first order for DefenCell from the US Army.

This order will be made and delivered from the DefenCell plant in Nashville, Tennessee.

Defencell is a cellular rapidly deployable force protection system that can be used in a wide variety of military and civil defence roles. These include walls, sangars, bunkers, roadways, vehicle barriers and flood protection.

DefenCell offers a number of significant advantages over other Force Protection Systems, noticeably, it is one-man portable and deployable, its weight, (being up to 10 times lighter than comparable products), it requires 5 times less transport volume, and being non-metallic, with no cages or hinges there is no secondary shrapnel.

DefenCell is also made in the UK, and is already in service with The British Army in Afghanistan.

DSEi, London - Stand No 378

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