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GKN Aerospace brings the latest in transparent armour to DSEI.

GKN Aerospace will exhibit at DSEI for the first time this month - promoting its latest transparent armour technologies which provide the highest levels of ballistic and artillery fragment protection.

The Company's product range meets the requirements of a wide range of protection levels - from B2 to B7, and NATO standard STANAG 4569, levels 1, 2 and 3. Advanced laminate designs integrate special composition glass with high visible light and infra-red light transmission properties for night vision compatibility. They can also incorporate anti scratch, anti-reflection coatings and a de-icing heater system, all built into windows that are as lightweight and as thin as possible to maximise the vehicle's performance and endurance.

Investment in R&D and in-house ballistics test ranges situated in both the US and the UK, enable the Company to extensively evaluate and test developments in glass, acrylic and polycarbonate materials and technologies.

Frank Bamford, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, comments: "Our research and development now is focused on enhancing current glass laminate designs to meet two critical requirements for wheeled and tracked vehicles - the need to safeguard troops from the ever increasing ballistic threat, and the growing need to provide protection from improvised 'real world' explosive devices.This is a strategically important market and we are drawing on all our expertise - our specialist skills in this market as well as our world lead in developing advanced fighter aircraft canopies - to ensure that those requiring protection whilst travelling can benefit from the very best protection that technology and materials have to offer." GKN Aerospace has been developing and manufacturing transparent armour - for the civilian and military vehicle markets for over 20 years and has production facilities in Kings Norton, UK, Sao Paulo, Brazil and now Garden Grove, California supplying armoured car manufacturers and their aftermarket support services worldwide.

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