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Denmark selects Smiths Detection to upgrade chemical agent detectors

SMITHS Detection has been contracted by the Danish Defence Ministry�s Logistics Organisation to provide an upgrade to all Lightweight Chemical Detectors (LCD) currently in service with the Danish military forces. The decision comes as Denmark considers a requirement for additional personal detectors to protect its service personnel.

The LCD can detect a wide range of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. Its compact size and low weight (less than 1lb / 0.454kg plus 4 AA batteries) make it suitable for the role of wearable detector that provides personal protection for troops.

Denmark�s decision to upgrade the LCDs, to the 3.2e version, comes after an extensive test programme, including live agent testing in harsh environments.

Damian Tracey, President of Smiths Detection � Military, said: �The success of the live agent tests carried out by the Danish Logistics Organisation fully demonstrated the effectiveness of the LCD�s technology. Its sensitivity and its ability to reject false alarms were major factors in this and other recent purchasing decisions by Scandinavian countries and by the U.S. DoD which has selected the LCD as its new generation chemical agent detector under the M4 JCAD programme.�

Over 12,000 LCD units have been produced for global customers, at Smiths Detection�s purpose-built UK facility in Watford, Herts.

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