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AgustaWestland To Market NHIndustries NH90 In Poland

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that, together with other NHIndustries shareholders Eurocopter and Stork Fokker, it has been agreed that AgustaWestland will lead the NH90 marketing campaign for the upcoming Polish Tactical Transport Helicopter requirement. The NH90 has established itself as the NATO standard helicopter of the 21st century. Designed by NATO for NATO it is making a significant contribution towards interoperability between European Armed Forces and their overseas allies for NATO and UN missions. Additionally it contributes to fleet standardisation and rationalisation in terms of training and logistics.

The NH90 has a composite crashworthy fuselage with a constant cross-section cabin capable of accommodating up to 20 equipped troops. Power is supplied by two General Electric/Fiat Avio GET700/T6E1 or two Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca RRTM322-01/9 turboshaft engines giving the aircraft excellent performance in all operating conditions. All the main vital systems are multiple redundant including the first ever full Fly-By-Wire flight control system on a helicopter. A comprehensive list of role change equipment suitable for the main and complementary missions is available enabling the NH90 to perform many operations including troop transport, casualty evacuation, logistic support and Combat Search And Rescue.

Beyond the outstanding capabilities of the NH90, this European solution will also be highly beneficial to Polish Industry due to the already existing wide cooperative experience of NHIndustries Partner Companies in Poland. AgustaWestland has developed strong industrial links with PZL-Swidnik since 1996 in the manufacture of various AgustaWestland products. The twin-engine, medium-size NH90 helicopter programme, provided by NHIndustries owned by AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Stork Fokker, is the largest ever launched in Europe, with firm orders now reaching 495 units to equip and modernize the Armed Forces of France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Spain and Belgium in Europe as well as Oman, Australia and New-Zealand overseas. Final negotiation steps are yet under process with several other Defence Forces to secure contracts concerning additional NH90, both in the Tactical Transport and Naval versions.

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