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Camp Bastion wins British Construction Industry Awards, 'Judges' Special Award'

The award is "For a building or civil engineering project of any size which the judges consider to be particularly inspirational, in one or more aspects."

Huge engineering, managerial and logistical challenges were overcome by the Royal Engineers to complete this vast military base - the equivalent of a small town - in just 4 months. All in an inhospitable and barren environment, ahead of schedule, under budget and under fire - an astonishing achievement.

As a part of this overall project 16,000 metres of DefenCell were deployed for the purpose of protecting two highly vulnerable Ammunition Supply Points in two separate locations one in Camp Bastion itself and another at Kandahar Airfield.

The ordering and deployment of DefenCell was processed under an 'Urgent Operational Requirement'. From the first phone call to dispatch of the first load was 2 weeks; the order was completed in approximately 6 weeks.

Construction started in February 2006 and was completed after just 6 weeks, and involved unskilled locally recruited labour as well British Forces personnel.

DefenCell was used to build over 1000m of protective berms, 5m wide on the base, 1.5m wide on the top and 4m high.

Local materials were used in construction and its load bearing qualities enabled the use of heavy machinery, to speed up the deployment.

DefenCell's geocell design, along with the latest geotextile construction technology provides strength, versatility and simplicity. A member of the construction team commented,
"It was so easy to use, and quick to put in, that we were able to let the local civilians build the wall."
Another source said, "DefenCell is really flexible, we were able to cut it to shape, to create corners and even adjust the width of the wall, by winding in the centre cells."

16000 linear meters of walling, weighing 50000 kgs was delivered in only 4 x 40' ISO containers, thereby greatly reducing the logistical footprint compared to other products.

A single 40' ISO container will hold over 2.5 kilometres of DefenCell T2 walling, 1.5m high and 1.25m wide.

The DefenCell team are proud to be part of this magnificent achievement and would like to add our congratulations to the men and women of the Royal Engineers who made this happen.

DefenCell is still deployed in Afghanistan and continues to meet the exacting requirements of operational troops and equipment protection in a hostile environment.

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