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Link22 integration successful

For the very first time ever, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has verified the entire Link22 functional chain with a demonstration system. Here the functional chain consisted of the ATLAS Naval Combat System (ANCS), the Link22 system and signal processing up to active transmission of the data live within a socalled "Super Network�. The radio systems used included units of the HF Series 3000 by Hagenuk Marinekommunikation, a member company of the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group.

In the Super Network, one command ship and two shore stations located at a distance from each other were simulated in each case. The tactical data exchanged within the network originated from an ANCS station, as is currently in service with the Finnish SQ2000 corvette project.

Link systems serve to format the tactical data received from the command and control systems, to prepare them as situation information for radio transmission, and to coordinate the military units

Unlike its predecessors Link11/11b and Link16, Link22 is used primarily by naval forces and is characterized by more extensive and optimized processing of information and a more flexible network topology, permitting improved adaptation to the existing infrastructure.

The Finnish Navy aims to establish Link22 in its armed forces. Thanks to this successful demonstration, the green light has now been given for a test to be performed on the corresponding platforms of the SQ2000 programme in November. Germany, as the NATO member on the Link22 Steering Committee, is acting as the host nation here and is representing Finland's interests on the various committees.

In September 2006, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK was successful in using its multilink protocol system (MiLiPoS) to integrate the various Link systems of the armed services in the "Common Umbrella� exercise to obtain a combined situation picture and thus qualify itself as the German competence centre for Link technology.

With this first successful practical test of an entire Link22 chain in this comprehensive form, the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group has again impressively demonstrated its credentials regarding the supply of multilink systems for maritime platforms.

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