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New support agreement with AJW Aviation now in operation.

GKN Aerospace has now successfully completed placing stock of its market leading CrystalVue IIâ„¢ passenger windows for Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft with AJW Aviation's Gatwick, UK distribution facility. The Company aims to have stock for the full Boeing and Airbus range of aircraft with AJW by the end of the first quarter of 2008.

GKN Aerospace is the OE provider of passenger cabin windows for the entire Boeing fleet and for many of the Airbus range of aircraft. In May this year, the Company signed an agreement giving AJW Aviation exclusive distribution of these windows to operators outside North and South America. This agreement also includes, on a non-exclusive basis, distribution of flight deck windows for the full range of aircraft that GKN Aerospace equips on an OE basis.

Frank Bamford, Senior Vice President Business Development and Strategy comments:
"This agreement has been an important development in the forward plan for our growing aftermarket business across the Company. We are driving to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the support operation for the many operators using these extremely successful transparencies and this agreement achieves that end. Customers now benefit from a single point of contact at AJW, with their expert service, global stocking locations and highly efficient world-wide maintenance operation."

GKN Aerospace manufactures approaching 800,000 CrystalVue II windows each year. Much of the success of the windows is due to the low maintenance and through-life costs of the patented CrystalVue II coating system. This success has led to the Company developing and supplying the advanced passenger windows for the Boeing 787.

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