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Lexington, Massachusetts: BAE SYSTEMS, a leading supplier of microbolometer sensors and systems, is launching the SCC500TM Series of infrared (IR) camera cores.

The SCC500 TM Series, developed by BAE SYSTEMS' IR Imaging Systems (IRIS) business area, is the first family of IR camera cores based on common electronics and mechanical interfaces for different resolutions, 160 x 120 (SCC500L) and 320 x 240 (SCC500H), simplifying design and integration for system level Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

The new architecture of the SCC500 deliberately departs from the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) trend by combining custom, high-efficiency, IR-Specific video processing hardware with an upgradeable, general-purpose control processor, running a commercial Real Time Operating System (RTOS). "This new product series is the first step down a new path to deliver re-configurable, interchangeable camera cores with variable performance and image resolutions,� said Roy Rumbaugh, IRIS SCC500 Series Program Manager.

Tom Breen, IRIS Commercial Accounts Manager, said, "The SCC500 Series of products will extend the high standards established by IRIS' SCC205 product line. All of the MicroIRÔ premium performance and image quality standards, established in the marketplace by BAE SYSTEMS four years ago and continually enhanced since then, have been incorporated into the new SCC500 TM Series of products.�

The SCC500 Series is designed for OEMs that are developing systems to serve the fire fighting, surveillance, unattended sensors, unmanned vehicles, machine vision, robotics, process monitoring, and thermography markets.

The IRIS facility, located in Lexington, Mass., is part of BAE SYSTEMS Information & Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS) unit, headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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