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J & S Franklin Ltd supply tents for the British troops in Afghanistan

J & S Franklin are pleased to announce two major contracts to supply tents for the UK Ministry of Defence for use by British Military personnel in Afghanistan.

The tents, part of the '˜Improved Tented Camp' (ITC) have been supplied in a range of sizes for use in tented field hospitals and as personnel accommodation.

The two contacts together are worth £1m

Franklin make the shelters for the ITC including the 12 x 12, the 24 x 18, passageway and four way connector. Being of modular design, they can be extended and joined in a wide range of configurations and are extensively deployed in Iraq and Afghan for accommodation, command centers and field hospitals.

The GP shelters have a lightweight tubular aluminum frame providing high strength and stability, and are simple and quick to erect. Franklin have helped develop the sunshield system which uses the same modular frame system and significantly reduces the temperature in the shelters as well as reducing abrasive wear on the shelter material as well as the storm doors which give additional security and improve weather protection.

These innovations, in conjunction with the camp cots, mosquito nets and camp chairs, which are all made by Franklin, have done much to improve the living conditions of UK forces on long deployments.

For more information contact:
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