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Smiths Detection Awarded $58 million U.S. Government Contracts for Advanced High-Energy X-Ray Systems

Sophisticated mobile and stationary X-ray screening systems to provide security scanning at various U.S. locations

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announces it has been awarded three contracts totaling $58.3 million from a U.S. Government agency. The contracts are for advanced, high-energy cargo screening solutions including three different X-ray screening configurations: the HCV Mobile, HCV Gantry and HCV Pass-through systems. With the exception of the HCV Pass-Through, each high-energy cargo screening system will be deployed at various locations within the United States for the inspection of inbound and outbound shipping containers and trucks.

Stephen Phipson, Group Managing Director of Smiths Detection, said: "This contract is a strong validation of our high-energy X-ray products suite. These state-of-the-art detection systems will be used to secure ports by rapidly assisting in the identification of potentially life threatening or illegal shipments. We look forward to delivering security solutions that will help make the world safer.�

Cherif Rizkalla, President, Smiths Detection, Americas, said: "This suite of security products, the HCV Mobile, fixed Gantry and high-throughput Pass-Through systems add a flexible layer of security in our nation's fight to protect our ports and borders against terrorism.�

The HCV Mobile inspection vehicle, HCV Gantry and high-throughput HCV Pass-Through systems are high-energy X-ray scanners designed to optimize security checks at ports, airports and border crossings. These systems are used to inspect trucks, containers and other vehicles for contraband, weapons, explosives and narcotics.

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