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AgustaWestland Co-Leader Of The Green Rotorcraft Programme

AgustaWestland, as a founding member of the Clean Sky initiative and co-leader of the Green Rotorcraft ITD (Integrated Technology Demonstration), warmly greets the launch in Brussels of the Clean Sky Program on 5th February 2008.

This new research program, based on the novel approach of Joint Technology Initiatives within EU FP7, aims at making air travel more sustainable by encouraging the aeronautical industry to develop and produce cleaner, greener and quieter aircraft, which potentially increases the role for rotorcraft in future air transport systems.

AgustaWestland is fully committed to investing in technologies and processes that reduce the impact on the environment in all phases of the life-cycle of rotorcraft, from manufacturing to operation, up to disposal.

AgustaWestland is fully involved in developing solutions that improve rotorcraft efficiency and reduce the external noise impact, while providing high levels of safety, reliability and affordability of its products. AgustaWestland, is already investing its own money in programmes to meet the greener environment challenges and will further contribute to this environmental objective by its direct involvement in Clean Sky.

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