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GKN Aerospace extends distribution network to handle growth in transparencies activity in Asia.

Visit us on Stand K82, Singapore Airshow , 19th - 24th Feb, 2008.

GKN Aerospace will exhibit at the Singapore Airshow just as an agreement is completed for distribution partner
A J Walter Aviation Singapore (AJWS) to stock a full inventory of GKN Aerospace's market-leading CrystalVue IIâ„¢ passenger windows and flight deck windows at their Changi facility.

With over one third of new aircraft deliveries predicted to be to the Asia Pacific region in the next 20 years (something over 8000 new aircraft), and the largest part of passenger movements expected to be, to, from, or within the region, efficient and timely product distribution to airlines will be of key importance to suppliers.

A J Walter Aviation Singapore will manage the distribution of GKN Aerospace's market leading CrystalVue IIâ„¢ passenger windows and flight deck windows to customers in the Asia Pacific. This strategic stocking through AJWS will ensure operators are confident of the availability of GKN Aerospace windows, enabling internal airline inventories to be reduced with associated cost and efficiency benefits to them.

On the GKN Aerospace stand at the Singapore event are examples of the CrystalVue IIâ„¢ passenger windows for the world's two most successful aircraft families - the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 ranges. Over 1000 B-737s are in service today with airlines in the Asia Pacific region, plus over 600 of the A320 family and current regional airline orders and options will add a further 1000 A320 and B-737 aircraft.

GKN Aerospace's passenger windows have been standard fit on many Airbus aircraft and on all Boeing aircraft, for many years. The Company will also develop and supply the advanced and unusually large windows for the B-787 Dreamliner.

The CrystalVue IIâ„¢ window is a hard-coated, stretched acrylic, offering abrasion and chemical resistance and maintained visibility better than any other acrylic cabin window today - and with a service life without interim maintenance that is typically 3-4 times longer than other products on the market. More than 2 million CrystalVue IIâ„¢ windows are in service worldwide and 800,000 more windows are manufactured each year.

Also on the stand at Singapore Airshow are examples of the Company's range of cockpit windows. This includes all three windows and the wingtip lenses for the A320 - for which the Company can provide the complete suite of transparencies. The front and side windows for the B-737 and the front windshield for the B-747 are also at the show. The B- 737 Classic and Next Generation windshields are the latest addition to the GKN Aerospace portfolio. In November 2007 the Company gained FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval and EASA Supplemental Type Certificate approval to supply these windshields, providing operators with an alternative source of supply for the first time. These windshields are directly interchangeable with the current Boeing part numbers and customers from any airline will be able to source their spares replacements directly from GKN Aerospace or through A J Walter Aviation.

Acknowledged as one of the two largest suppliers of transparencies to the civil aerospace market, GKN Aerospace is also the global leader in transparencies for military aerospace. The Company has supplied canopies for the USAF F-15C, F-16 and F-22A, the UK RAF Tornado and Harrier aircraft and has developed the advanced canopy systems for the Eurofighter Typhoon - the largest single-sheet transparency being produced in the world today - and for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Dave Wilmot, Vice President Sales - Special Products comments: "Our transparencies business, with our comprehensive aftermarket support operation both GKN-based and through our selected distribution partners, is at the heart of the future of our aerospace operation. The next decade will bring new challenges and opportunities for us as we work to meet and exceed the needs of the Asian market - and particularly of China, India and Japan, where there will undoubtedly be the greatest transformation.�

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