TSA's E-Government Team Receives 2003 "Pioneer" Award From E-GOV

While working to meet a strict deadline to federalize the nation's 429 commercial airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) launched an e-Government Program by designing interim processes and web-enabled tools to support the agency's immediate security and operating needs. For its innovation and support of the agency's mission and vision, the TSA's e-Government Program has been recognized as a 2003 "Pioneer" Award winner by E-GOV. This exclusive award grants TSA's e-Gov team an opportunity to participate in E-GOV's Government Solutions Center (GSC) - a popular interactive showcase at the organization's sixth annual Conference & Exposition demonstrating innovative e-Government and Homeland Security applications and proven best practices.

Positioned within TSA's Office of Strategic Management & Analysis, the e-Gov Program was created using the overriding goals of the organization as drivers and by applying commercial and government best practices, enabling the agency to conduct daily activities, transactions and information exchanges in a constituent-centered way.

Since the agency's inception, the TSA's e-Gov team has been responsible for designing and developing a long-term technical infrastructure, including an intranet, extranet and Internet site, organized to share critical information with TSA employees, contractors and the general public. The team has also partnered with TSA's Office of Information Technology and Deloitte Consulting to develop a first-of-its-kind common technical platform called the e-Government Operating Platform to facilitate data integration and data sharing among the TSA's key constituent groups.

"In the midst of competing deadlines and extraordinary growth, TSA had the foresight to introduce a unique e-Government program that captures a bird's-eye view of the organization and is driven by the needs of its stakeholders," said Lana Tannozzini, Director of the TSA's Office of Strategic Management & Analysis. "TSA's early successes have become essential elements in renewing the American public's overall sense of security and to the continued freedom of movement for people and commerce after September 11th."

Nominations for E-GOV's "Pioneer" Award were received from all levels of government, including federal, state and local organizations, as well as successful programs from outside the U.S. Winners were selected by a Government Solutions Center Selection Committee comprised of leaders from the public and private sectors who are actively engaged in e-Government and Homeland Security programs. The Government Solutions Center and Best Practices Briefings will take place June 11-12 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

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