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Smiths Detection's advanced security checkpoint to boost passenger throughput at BWI

New Automated Security Inspection Process Optimizes Passenger Throughput and Checkpoint Efficiency

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announced the first deployment of iLane, its automated security inspection process which includes the Advanced Threat Identification X-ray (aTiX) system, at Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). This will be the first deployment of the linked systems in the United States.

Four of the systems will be deployed in BWI's new terminal B checkpoint. iLane provides two baggage pathways connected to the aTiX which will enable TSA screeners to divert a bag to a separate screening area without stopping other cleared carry-on luggage. The diverted bag remains in eyesight of the owner who can move along with the carry-on to the designated secondary screening area.

Stephen Phipson, Group Managing Director of Smiths Detection, said: "We have achieved a winning combination. The iLane system coupled with aTiX has the potential to greatly improve security checkpoint throughput in airports, while adding the advanced threat detection of multiview X-ray."

Unlike current X-ray systems, aTiX captures multiple views of carry-on bags in a single sweep in the normal throughput time. Additionally, the system includes powerful software algorithms which help the operator detect potentially harmful items. The software can be upgraded to meet the needs of future threats.

Mark Laustra, Vice President of Homeland Security for Smiths Detection, said: "We believe the BWI deployment is a critical advancement in throughput efficiency for passenger security checkpoints in America. We anticipate strong demand for this unique combination of innovation and next-generation carry-on baggage screening."

Smiths Detection is the world's leading provider of threat and contraband detection systems with multiple technologies deployed in approximately 80% percent of the world's commercial airports.

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