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BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR's Management In Domain-based Secure Systems (MIDASS) computer security management firewall has been certified by the UK government's national technical authority for Information assurance, the Communications Electronic Security Group (CESG).

MIDASS offers new levels of protection against vulnerabilities in standard internet components, such as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). It features byte level inspection to ensure that packets being processed are correctly structured, and compares operational data against a defined rule set to determine whether a command or response is permitted.

MIDASS is multi-homed and controls a system without direct flow of packets between networks or direct communication between nodes. This enables MIDASS to manage networks featuring different security levels and to control access rights from a single installation.

In addition, MIDASS implements authentication, timeliness checking and encryption functionality to support SNMPv3, the most secure of the SNMP protocols. It can establish secure links between the manager and the firewall, allowing commands to be sent across an open network, such as the Internet.

BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR's Managing Director for Communications & Defence Infrastructure, Paul Laity, commented "MIDASS is believed to be the first management firewall to achieve the demanding Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC) E3 security level of certification. This success reflects our Group's ability to service the needs of the commercial and defence marketplaces, providing support for the information systems needed to achieve Network Enabled Capability in demanding military environments.�

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