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Containerised mine countermeasure systems as force multipliers and for rapid deployment

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH has developed a set of containers to enable fully integrated MCM capabilities, with all the equipment needed installed in the respective container.

This enables rapid deployment and MCM operations from craft of opportunity (COOP) or from shore positions. The systems can be operated in stand-alone mode or as force multipliers to existing MCMVs. Deployment to any destination is easy and can be performed very rapidly.

What is more, this concept enables navies with limited budgets to build up a full MCM capability, without the need to invest in dedicated MCM ships; those navies which already have MCMVs in operation are able to enhance their capabilities and use the containerised systems as force multipliers.

More and more navies have to cope with requirements to deploy effective mine countermeasure systems for expeditionary operations as fast as possible, or have to provide mine countermeasure capabilities for units not designed for MCM operations. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance mine hunting systems and remotely controlled influence mine sweeping (IMS) systems. Until today, such highly integrated mine hunting systems have been installed mainly on board specially designed ships: the mine countermeasure vessels.

These dedicated vessels are highly specialised and designed to withstand shock loads from nearby sea-mine explosions, and also have minimised magnetic and acoustic signatures to contribute to the safety of their complement. They are normally relatively slow in speed, always visible when in the operational area, and relatively expensive.

Containerised MCM Command System with SeaOtter AUV for sea-mine detection and classification

The containerised mine countermeasure system of ATLAS is an economical alternative. The core element is a fully containerised IMCMS (Integrated Mine Countermeasure System) to allow all the relevant command & control activities for MCM operations, including the possibility of controlling remotely operated IMS drones, planning MCM detection missions, evaluating the sonar data etc.

Further key elements include the ATLAS AUV SeaOtter with the mine countermeasure sonar equipment for the detection and classification of sea-mines, and the containerised Mine Disposal System, based on the ATLAS EMDV (expendable mine disposal vehicle) SeaFox, to be operated from a standard RHIB.

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