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J & S Franklin to show DefenCell at Eurosatory

J&S Franklin will be exhibiting DefenCell, a multipurpose force protection system, at Eurosatory 2008. This International, land, airland, and homeland defence exhibition is hosted by Ministere de la Defense and Gicat, in Paris, France from the 16th to 20th June 2008.

DefenCell is currently in service with the UK MoD in Afghanistan and the Irish Defence Force in Chad, as well as a number of US bases. DefenCell has been ballistically trialled, proven against explosive attack and tested as a vehicle barrier. In all cases, DefenCell showed remarkable resilience and stopping power. (Full test specifications are available on request).

DefenCell's cellular design, along with the latest geotextile construction technology provides strength, versatility and simplicity and significant advances in UV resistance have been tested to show extended durability in extreme conditions. DefenCell is air-droppable, man portable and its non-metallic structure means it generates no secondary shrapnel and can be safely pushed off the back of a lorry with no risk of damage.

During Operation 'HERRICK 4' in 2006, personnel of the British Royal Engineers deployed some 16,000 metres of DefenCell in Afghanistan. The purpose of which was to protect two highly vulnerable 'Ammunition Supply Points' in two separate locations at Camp Bastion in Helmand province and Kandahar Airport. A member of the construction team commented, "It was so easy to use, and quick to put in, that we were able to let the local civilians build the wall." Another source said, "DefenCell is really flexible, we were able to cut it to shape, to create corners and even adjust the width of the wall, by winding in the centre cells."

DefenCell barrier walls have also recently been installed by BAA at London Gatwick Airport as part of enhanced security measures following the Glasgow Airport vehicle attack.

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