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Two separate freighter conversion programmes for the BAe 146 regional jetliner are now being promoted by specialist conversion houses to meet strong anticipated demand for a 10-12-tonne freighter over the coming years.

The BAe 146 is fully capable of meeting projected Stage 4 noise limits so a long life as a freighter is assured. These programmes would be suitable for older BAe 146 aircraft where residual values have reached a level to support the economics of conversion.

BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft worked closely with Pemco World Air Services of Dothan, Alabama in the mid-late 1980s under which Pemco designed a large upward-opening freight door 131 inches wide by 76 inches high (332cms x 193 cms) in the rear fueslage. This door installation together with the roller floor and associated cargo handling equipment was built into around 30 BAe 146QT (Quiet Trader) freighters that were converted as new-build aircraft.

All of these aircraft remain in service, the biggest operator being TNT Express, which uses a large fleet on an intensive overnight freight network across Europe.

Pemco is currently assessing the economics of re-entering the BAe 146QT conversion market for pre-owned aircraft and an announcement is expected soon.

Separately, Hireplane Cargo Conversions Ltd (wholly owned by TRONOS plc, the aircraft lessor) has joined forces with Cranfield Aerospace Ltd offering a freighter conversion for the BAe 146. BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft has sold and supplied engineering data packs to Cranfield Aerospace to enable their conversion to go ahead. Current plans call for the first converted aircraft to be available in January 2004

The Cranfield door (electrically operated) measures 96 inches wide x 76 inches high (243cm x 193cm) and is to be located in the single curvature section of the forward upper right hand fuselage. The conversion would be provided with a fully-compliant Class E freight interior. The modification can be embodied without additional floor strengthening to offer a freight carrying capacity in excess of 11 tonnes. An optional floor- strengthening package is available, to provide a 12.6 tonnes main deck freight carrying capacity.

BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft has marketing agreements in place with both conversion houses and potential customers for BAe 146 freighter conversions will benefit from the choice now open to them.

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