TSA is continuing to deploy multi-view X-ray machines and whole body imagers.

TSA has installed about 200 of the faster, clearer X-ray machines to airports including Phoenix, Washington-Dulles, Denver and Baltimore. Installations are ongoing at Washington-Reagan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami and Detroit. These new x-ray machines include multiple views of carry-on baggage and a much clearer image, allowing officers to screen carry-on bags with fewer physical searches.

Millimeter wave whole body imagers are being deployed in the coming weeks to airports including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Miami, Las Vegas, Washington-Reagan, Denver, Miami and Detroit. Millimeter wave enables officers to screen passengers for metallic and non-metallic items without conducting pat-down inspections. Millimeter wave is currently deployed to airports in Phoenix, Los Angeles (LAX), Baltimore (BWI) and New York (JFK).

For more information contact:
Transportation Security Administration
Mail Stop: TSA-6
400 7th St. Sw
D.C. 20590
United States Of America


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