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DefenCell Vehicle Barrier System completes successful crash testing and gains the US Department of State, K-12 Vehicle Barrier Certification.

During crash testing a DefenCell Expeditionary Earth Filled Barrier successfully completed K-12 anti-ram certification standard in the USA. The test requires the barrier to stop a 15,000lb truck at 50 mph within a given distance. DefenCell passed with no penetration at all.

This follows on from DefenCell's successful completion of vehicle crash tests by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) stopping a 7.5t truck in August last year.

DefenCell barriers have now been installed at Gatwick Airport, UK, as part of the security enhancements at the airport following the attack on Glasgow in June 2007. DefenCell provides a vehicle barrier to protect access roads from vehicle incursion.

DefenCell is currently in service with the UK MoD in Afghanistan, the Irish Defence Force in Chad and the US Army; it has also been ballistically trailed and tested against explosive attack and barrier and crash protection. In both cases, DefenCell showed remarkable resilience and stopping power.

(Full test specifications are available on request).

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