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Smiths Detection's Advanced Glass-in-Glass Inspection System Wins the Industry's Largest Ever Order
Advanced Eagle Quadview System Enables High-Speed Inspection of Glass Bottles with Greater Accuracy, Ensuring Quality and Safety of Products

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announces a multi-million dollar order for its industry leading glass-in-glass inspection system from the baby food division of a global food producer. The revolutionary Eagle QuadView X-ray inspection system was developed to address shortcomings in conventional glass container inspection systems.

The Eagle QuadView uses a patented four-beam design which offers an advanced evaluation of glass containers. During the capping process glass shards can occasionally break off and fall into the crown of the jar because of the speed of the operation. The QuadView's beams are angled specifically to cover the crown and automatically remove problem jars from the conveyor line.

Brad Mueller, President of Smiths Detection Product Inspection, said: "Smiths Detection has a unique ability to leverage its revolutionary X-ray inspection technology into other markets. In this case, a leap forward in checkpoint security has led to a major advancement in food safety inspections. It is exciting to offer our customers advanced solutions that will ensure they deliver the best product, safely."

Field tested for more than 18 months, Eagle QuadView evaluates up to 1,200 jars per minute and is capable of dynamically identifying wall and crown thickness variations. Once discovered, the system automatically adjusts filter algorithms, optimizing settings to reduce undetected incidents that could result in dangerous glass shards reaching the consumer.

Terry Woolford, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, "The Eagle QuadView has reinforced Smiths Detection's position as the technology leaders in the X-ray product inspection business. It is finding a very high degree of market acceptance, especially amongst baby food producers, offering the most sensitive inspection for the most sensitive consumers. This really is the system the market has been waiting for and we are experiencing very high enquiry volumes leading to solid order volumes.�

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