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DefenCell stops 7.5t truck less than 1 metre

In the latest vehicle barrier crash testing carried out by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory, (TRL) J&S Franklin DefenCell protection system stopped a 7.5t truck travelling at 42mph in less than 1 meter and once again proved its worth as a fast, easy to deploy anti-terrorist vehicle crash barrier.

DefenCell meets the need for a lightweight, compact, easily deployable protection system that is ideally suited for rapid deployment at vulnerable sites such as airports, ports, railway stations and any other public areas.

Made of the latest geotextile material means that it can be stored flat, locally in a cupboard or storeroom like any other textile and simply opened out and deployed. If necessary it can be deployed by a single person using nothing more than a shovel and can be filled with whatever local material is available, such as gritting or building sand, gravel or even mud. It requires very little training to deploy effectively and can use untrained labour.

The geocell design means that it is inherently strong and incredibly flexible. The Geocell design is also key to its blast mitigation properties that have been thoroughly tested at the Advantica test centre.

The system is already deployed in Afghanistan with the British Army, protecting a highly vulnerable ammunitions dump and has been sold to the US Army.

The full TRL vehicle crash test details, Advantica blast mitigation and force protection reports and ballistic test results are available upon application.

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