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Irish Defence Force buy DefenCell

J & S Franklin are pleased to announce that the Irish Defence Force have purchased DefenCell Force Protection Systems for operational deployment with their forces as part of the UN mandated, EU-led peacekeeping mission to Chad.

DefenCell will be used to build 400m of 2.5m high blast mitigation wall protecting vital ammunition stores.

DefenCell was chosen over other systems because of its low logistical footprint and as there is no danger from secondary shrapnel. It is the complete lack of a metallic content that negates the danger of shrapnel and means that the system is much lighter and more compact both in terms of size and weight, (one 40' container will provide well over 1km of wall, 2m wide and 2m high, or 2.5 km of 1.25m wide, 1.50m high). This means it is up to 10 times lighter than other systems per m3 wall and takes up to five times less transport volume, a vital feature for operations in remote areas.

DefenCell is air-droppable and man portable and the non-metallic structure means it can be pushed off the back of a lorry with no risk of damage it also means there is no RF or communications interference.

The order was completed and delivered to Ireland within 10 days to meet urgent shipping requirements.

The DefenCell System has been developed to enable force protection walls to be rapidly built, on a small ground footprint, under operational conditions. Successive layers of DefenCell are built to the desired height.

Walls of any thickness or length can be produced to suit ballistic and vehicle impact requirements. A wide range of locally available fill materials can be used including sand, aggregates and earth, easily compacted to give DefenCell structural strength and integrity.

DefenCell is made from strong, durable and internationally proven geotextile material of cellular design, which provides strength with versatility.

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